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From: "Kenneth Aitken" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] An ethical question
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 11:58:40 -0600
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Judy, older and wiser folks than I will likely speak up.But consider this
possible change in your policy.

1. Since the DAR policy governs only members, charge non-members
seeking admission instead.
2. Announce to Members that you will only be available to assist them
when your client work and business activities are done, and that your time
will be limited. You can obviously fill a full day working for clients,
groing your business or recruiting new clients. I seem to recall you have a
specialization in mineral rights research. That certainly is a potential
growth area.
3. If option one is unacceptable to the DAR then point out to the
local and state officials your conflict of interest. If you depend on the
revenue, resign. Membership in the DAR is only one benefit of your descent,
not the only one.

Simplistic advise from a Canadian not descended from a Tory Royalist ;-)

Kenneth G. Aitken
Family History Education Services
Regina, SK Canada

Check out my blog at www.genealogy-education.com

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