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From: Pat Asher <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Re: APG-D Digest V06 #42
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 09:25:29 -0500
In-Reply-To: <1c3.3965fe0e.3112c91e@aol.com>

At 09:31 PM 2/1/2006, wrote:
>Question: Would the law prohibit circulation of newspapers from other states
>within New Hampwshire? Will libraries have to lock up their old copies of
>city and telephone directories?

And don't forget the internet. Not only mention of 5th great grandpa who
arrived in NH in the 1600's could be banned, but a great deal more. Twould
be interesting to hear the planned mechanics for accomplishing that, LOL

With today's paranoia about identity fraud and "privacy", I keep thinking
of the old adage, be careful what you wish for.


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