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Subject: Re: [APG] Virginia Superior Court Districts 1814-185x
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 14:24:02 -0500
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Booker should read Brooke and it was created between 1814 when Tyler was
established and 1818 when Preston and Nicholas (which are not listed)
were created.

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Craig Kilby wrote:

>Fellow Listers:
>I hope the following may prove useful in your research projects. Around
>the year 1999 [I don't recall exactly when], I visited the Spotsylvania
>Court in Fredericksburg, which at that time also housed the Chancery Court
>cases for the District of Fredericksburg. I belive that at this time they
>(Fredericksburg Historical Society) have moved their offices. Anyway, at
>the time and to this present day they are indexing all of the old chancery
>court records.
>Found as a page marker in one of the books was a list of the which counties
>were holding proceedings in which court. This typed version for a mailing
>list will not do the handwritten copy justice, but at least the information
>it contains will still convey.
>The note I wrote on the bottom of this copy says:
>"Virginia Superior Court Districts 1814-185x" Prior to 1814, all superior
>court cases were heard in Richmond. Those records were burned during the
>Civil War. This was found as a page marker in one of the court books at
>Fredericksburg." Keep in mind that this list was drawn up prior to West
>Virginia's seccession from Virginia, and includes those counties then in
>existence in modern day West Virginia.
>This list was probably prepared by an attorney, and predates the Civil War.
>Using the names of the Judges. the handwriting style, and the counties in
>it names, a more accurate date could probably be established.
>Unfortunately, we don't know who wrote it.
>Judge: frec d [Frederick?] Taylor
>Convenes: 1st Day of January, 1sty day of June
>Counties in the District:
>Amelia, Brunswick, Charlotte, Buckingham, Halifax (crossed out),
>Chesterfield, King & Queen, Henrico, King William, Louisa, Lunenburg,
>Mecklenburg, Cumberland, Dinwiddie, Fluvanna, Goochland, Greensville,
>Hanover, Nottoway, Powhatan, Prince Edward, Prince George, Sussex, city of
>Richmond, City of Petersburg.
>Judge: Taylor
>Convenes: 1st day of May & 1st day of October
>Counties in District:
>Amherst, Cambell, Henry, Pittsylvania, Bedford, Franklin, Patrick and
>corporations (cities) of Lynchburg @ Nelson. Also, which could be a county
>or a city (either way I cannot identify it) looks like "Idalifare".
>Judge: [D. Cain?]
>Convenes: 6th July & 16th November
>Counties in District:
>Frederick, Hardy, Berkeley, Loudon, Shenandoah, Hampshire, Jefferson
>Judge: Brown
>Convenes: 25th May and 16th November [at Wythe Court House]
>Counties in District:
>Lee, Russell, Washington, Tazewell, Wythe, Grayson, Giles, Montgomery
>Judge: Brown
>Convenes: at Clarksburg, dates not stated
>Counties in District:
>Booker, Ohio, Wood, Harrison, Monongalia, Randolph, Tyler [xxxx, crossed
>out after Tyler], [Burton?].
>NB : The locales in this district may help date this list
>Judge: Brown
>Convenes: 15th of April and 15th day of September
>Counties in District:
>Caroline, Culpeper, Fauquier, Fairfax, Lancaster, Northumberland, Madison,
>King George, Orange, Prince William, Richmond [County], Spotsylvania,
>Stafford, Essex, Westmoreland and Corporation of Fredericksburg.
>NB: Interesting to see most, but not all, of the modern Northern Neck
>counties included in this geographic distribution--e.g., those in the
>Northern Neck Proprietary.
>Judge: Browne
>Convenes: Scratched out, but had been written "20th Mary & 15th October".
>Scratched out again is 20th June & 20th September. Interlined the 3rd time
>is "10th January and 15th July. Place not given, probably Williamsburg.
>Counties in District:
>Accomack, Charles City, Elizabeth City, Gloucester, Isle of Wight, James
>City, Matthews, Middlesex, Nansemond, New Kent, Norfolk, Northampton,
>Princess Anne, Surry, Southampton, Warick, York, Borough of Norfolk.
>Judge: Not stated
>Covenes: 1st June & 1st November at Greenbriar Court House
>Counties in District:
>Greenbriar, Monroe, Cabell, Kanawha, Mason, Bath
>Judge: Brown
>Convenes: 15th March & 15th October
>Counties in District:
>Augusta, Rockingham, Pendelton, Rockbridge, Albemarle, Botetourt
>For more information about Chancery Court cases, the Library of Virginia
>Research Note #22 gives some good background information. A searchable
>database of plaintiffs and defendants is on their website, but I always
>have a bit of trouble getting to it. Prior to 1814, you will probably have
>little luck in finding a court suit unless the original loose files were
>kept by either one of the parties or their attorneys. You will probably be
>able to find a reference to any court suit in the court minutes, but those
>are not likely (usually) to offer up many details. (Depends on how much
>the clerk wanted to tell in the county record).
>It should also be mentioned that chancery suits could be filed at either
>the county level, or the district level, and appeals of course went to
>Happy New Year,
>Craig Kilby
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