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From: Joan Lowrey <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Re: transcribing names (fonts)
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 17:11:44 -0800
In-Reply-To: <28e.1c7c307.30ccb0ec@aol.com>

Randy, Don, Ray, et al,

See Computing with Accents, Symbols, & Foreign Scripts

This site says that ALT 0254 for þ only works with Word 2003.

Joan Neumann Lowrey

At 05:30 PM 12/10/05 -0500, wrote:
>Ray wrote:
>In my experience, the thorn is the most difficult
>character to find; the only font I have that
>includes that is the one that came with my
>electronic copy of the Oxford English
>Most of my fonts have thorn in the extended character set at ALT 0254, as

>but the example may not display after conversion to plain text ASCII.
>Donn Devine, CG, CGI
>Wilmington, Delaware, USA

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