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From: Carolyn Ybarra <>
Subject: Re: Lost military records...NA Form 13038
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 14:35:33 -0800
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If you're replying to my inquiry of a couple of weeks ago, I should
let people know what happened. The military service record does not
exist as it was one that was lost in the 1978 fire. My first
suggestion, as I said in my initial email, was that she look for the
discharge record at the county courthouse. In fact, by the time I
talked to her by phone she had already sent them a letter and talked
with them by phone. I got more information from her and told her to
wait to hear from the county before hiring me to do further research.

Luckily, the county DID have the record, so she was all set. She had
other proof of his service such as a V.A. hospital record, etc. The
items together were enough to prove what they needed to know to give
the disabled widow the stipend she deserves based on her husband
having actively served during wartime and been discharged honorably.
I do not know the exact requirements but she WAS eligible and is now
signed up for it.

I was happy for her, but was sorry not to have to do the challenging
research in the case they did not have it. It turns out the father
had served in Japan and then taught a Japanese fighting technique to
soldiers during WWII, and I think I might have found a newspaper
record as he had such a unique set of experiences.


At 11:59 AM -0700 10/27/05, wrote:
>You may have found an answer by now or already know this, but just in
>My father requested a copy of grandfather's service records and in
>return he received 2 copies of NA Form 13038 Certification of Military
>Service showing service information.
>The cover letter stated "This document verifies military service and may
>be used for any official purpose."
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>LaDonna Garner

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