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From: "Yolanda Campbell Lifter" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Tombstone citation
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 15:58:28 -0400
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Craig wrote:
> In those cases, where a cemetery has not been published, and there is no
> plot map or other apparent locating tool or lot identification is there an
> accepted method for identification of the row? I can imagine returning to
> a cemetery twenty years later with the row number and still being unable
> to locate the correct row. The row number is a function of its
> relationship to some point in the cememtery (a.k.a. row 1). But how do you
> know where row 1 is located.

Publications with a map don't always help- although it may be just a problem
with me since I was not born with any sense of direction. (I just returned
from a trip and had a navigational system in the rental car. I was urged
numerous times by it to make a legal u-turn as soon as possible.)

There is a particular cemetery in Greene Co., OH that gives me a headache
every time I visit. The book does help some since it is a "row by row"
listing so I have names to look for to get me close to my target stone(s).
Even though most of the sections of the cemetery are marked, the rows
(especially in the older parts) don't always correspond to the listings. I
am constantly spinning around looking at the rows in front of me and behind
me and turning the pages back and forth. Anyone driving by would probably
think I'm performing some kind of ritual. : )

I think on my next trip I'll just photograph the whole cemetery and not have
to worry about it in the future.


Yolanda Campbell Lifter
Malabar, FL

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