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From: Ray Beere Johnson II <>
Subject: [APG] Improved Transcription Notation
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 16:56:47 -0800 (PST)

In regards to Jerry's revised notation; I
personally hope that as many of us as possible
will adopt this. Why? It seems to me to be a
usable system, which Jerry has put a lot of work
into refining. If this standard system of
notation is adopted quickly, then when new
transcripts, databases, etc. are prepared, we
will be able to figure out what is meant by the
various symbols without the need to consult a
special guide for that source alone. That is
quite an advantage; think it over. I will be
adopting it for my own use and for work done for
my clients, and urge the rest of you to do
I know that taking the time to learn a new
set of standard symbols seems like a pain, but
Jerry has put a lot more time into working the
system out, and if enough of us use it, we will
get the most benefit from it. Often, the systems
worked out for a specific work, say a cemetery
transcription project, are not so well though
out, and the results can be ambiguous. We should
all be willing to put in a little time and effort
to reduce the occurrence of ambiguities in the
data we work with.
That is my opinion, at least. We can cite
the system, the version, and the date, then, if
Jerry leaves old versions 'up' should revisions
later appear necessary, there will be one,
central source everyone can refer to for the
meaning of symbols used in transcription. In many
ways, it will require less work in the long run
than the present "system" of leaving each
transcriber to work out their own set of symbols,
and each reader to figure out exactly what is
meant when the explanation is unclear.

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