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From: "astaley" <>
Subject: [APG] Original vs Derivative Source
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 23:29:38 -0500
References: <128.3b88b563.2d5ef988@aol.com>

I need to ask a question:

Is a certified copy of a birth certificate, marriage certificate or death
certificate from a State vital records repository considered an original or
a derivative source?

What I have read in the BCG Manual makes me think it is considered an
original source: Page 9, top of page "...Often, however, it no longer
survives or its preservation dictates that it be examined only as an image
copy (microfilm, digitzed image, and so on)."

ProGen, however, makes me think that it is considered a derivative source:
Page 333, Under "Derivatives", "...Whatever the name by which it is called,
this class of record or source varies widely in nature. It may be copied or
compiled from original materials, or ..."

Ann Staley

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