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From: "Elissa Scalise Powell, CGRS" <>
Subject: RE: [APG] Is there?
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 21:02:40 -0500
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> I'm not exactly sure what PA law is on their state records but I would
> think
> if the mother requested this information about herself as you suggested it
> could be obtained.
> Joan

PA Law says that for birth and death records 1906 to present that the record
can be released to the person, a close family relative (husband/common-law
husband; wife/common-law wife; parent/step-parent; brother/sister/half
brother/half sister; son or daughter ; stepson/stepdaughter;
grandparent/great grandparent; grandchild/great grandchild), or a legal
representative of the person in question (like an executor). Although birth
records are only $4, a photocopy of a government issued picture ID of the
requester is required.

I believe the originator of this thread wanted to not only get the birth
record of her mother, but also of her mother's siblings in order to
determine the birth order of the supposed 13 children, some of which died
young. It is in getting these collateral records that she may have problems
as aunt or uncle, nephew or niece does not appear on the list above. However
if the mother were to request her siblings birth records, that would work
according to the rules.

Any birth records before 1906 are open to the public at the county
courthouse in which it was recorded (or not.) Records were not faithfully
recorded by the county and so it may exist or not. This haphazard recording
prompted the state to take over the recordkeeping beginning 1906.

Best wishes,
Elissa Powell in Pittsburgh

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