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From: Debbe Hagner <>
Subject: [APG] Is there?
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 19:47:05 -0500


1. Is there a booklet or guideline as to "how to take on a project"
What are some of the thing to look out for?
Our genealogy society want to do something as a GROUP and I am trying to
find a booklet that explain some of the thing to look out for.... or be
aware...or some pitfalls... Most of the work has already been done for
Pasco County, Florida - several cemeteries has done, marriage has been
done, naturalization is done. The only thing I can think of to do is
maybe voting regristion, or tax list, index land records. I tried Cyndi
list and and also under google - all I see is how to manage a
genealogical project (family history and that is NOT what I am looking
for).... Please let me know if I am not making myself clear...

2. Also does anyone know of a company that handle "insurance for a
genealogical events".... I already CHECKED FGS National Insurance
Program ...I find their price is HIGH. I am interested in some OTHERS...

3. A friend of mine has written to Vital Statistic requesting her
mother's birth certificiate and they send back an EXTRACTED copy of the
birth cert. She wanted a copy of the original and written to them and
called them... All she want to know WHAT number child her mother was(
she heard her mother is ONE of 13 children)... Her mother is STILL
alive today(90year old) and the state won't release that information!!!
Why is that private or confidential?? IS there a way around it... This
is for Pennsylvania... and the last name is CLARK. She is trying to
put a timeline to all her mother's brothers and sisters and then figure
out which number child is born when and which one was a stillborn. I
hope there is another way around this problem. I tried "Freedom if
Information Act" and that didn't work... I tried to talk to surprvisor
and they said it is confidential (I dont understand what is SO
confidential about it)....

Debbe Hagner

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