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Subject: Re: [APG] Death Records Threatened?
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 16:14:49 EST


Please keep me informed. As you know, I am the new legislation chair of the
Florida State Genealogical Society.

Best wishes,


Richard F. Robinson, CGRS
Delray Beach, Florida
Member of the Florida State Genealogical Society Board of Directors and
Legislation Chair
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> Good Morning,
> The State of Florida has somewhat of an edge toward keeping records open
> and public as it is written into our consititution to maintain open and
> public records. But slowly our legislators have been chipping away at some
> of these open records by closing them. In the November election a new
> consititutional amendment was passed to require a 2/3 majority vote by the
> Senate and House to close any record which is currently in the realm of
> open and public records. This passed by a 75% to 25% vote so you can see
> how the public feels about public records. They were saying to the
> legislators "Be Damned when closing records".
> Also in the 2002 Session the legislature created a committee called "Senate
> Committee on Public Records" and they have been meeting and reviewing all
> records which are currently open and public to see which they might offer
> to the next session as subjects of either closure or severely limiting
> access.
> This SCPR committeee has been meeting in Tallahassee until the general
> public wanted it to meet outside of Tallahassee. This next Monday (Dec 2)
> they are holding their first meeting away from Tallahassee when they meet
> in Orlando. I kept badgering the spokesperson for the committee until I
> got a spot on their agenda to express my views from the genealogical
> prospective and the probate investigator's viewpoint.
> The fact that public records are necessary to prove heirship on any
> intestate probate if the probate judge is going to be convinced as to the
> correct and proper heirs at law. Closure of such records as death records,
> marriage records, probate records, and deeds can create a world of havoc in
> the probate court.
> I plan to write a report to the APG quarterly on the outcome of this
> meeting.
> Alvie L. Davidson CGRS
> Lakeland, Florida
> http://www.floridadetective.net
> "Keep smiling and keep 'em guessing what you are up to!"

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