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From: "Julie Miller" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Convents and rectories in the census
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 08:55:46 -0600
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Kathleen Hinckley addresses the problems of finding nuns and brothers on
pages 205-207 in her book, Your Guide to the Federal Census.
Many times nuns were soundexed under S-236 for the surname Sister. If they
reported a surname, they should be soundexed under that name.
I have no suggestions for the priest since priest retained their name and
therefore should be soundexed under their surname.
Hope this helps.

Julie Miller
Genealogy Research

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Subject: [APG] Convents and rectories in the census

> I would like to find a convent and a rectory in the City of St. Louis
> for 1910 or 1920. I have two Sisters' last names (Sister Mary Rosalie
> Nys and Sister Mary Tarcisia Finn) and I also have Father James
> Murray's name for a possible Soundex steer to the correct film.
> I last worked on this a few months ago, and I remember checking for
> these last names and coming up with nothing.
> While they may or may not have been at the Sisters of the Carondelet
> Convent and Assumption Church Rectory in question in 1910, they were
> in Saint Louis, so I should have found them at either that Convent and
> Rectory or another. I didn't.
> I did find an Ursaline Academy-- with Sisters listed as "inmates" and
> also lists of pupils -- in the vicinity, so I assume convents and
> rectories are treated no differently than other "institutions" in the
> census?
> Because my father was mentored by Father Murray and because the
> religious sisters played a big role in his family life in St. Louis, I
> guess their stories interest me almost as if they were sort of an
> extended family.
> Since they leave no descendants I guess not too many people search for
> them.
> Thanks, Buffy
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