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From: "Buffys97" <>
Subject: [APG] Convents and rectories in the census
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 04:21:51 -0400

I would like to find a convent and a rectory in the City of St. Louis
for 1910 or 1920. I have two Sisters' last names (Sister Mary Rosalie
Nys and Sister Mary Tarcisia Finn) and I also have Father James
Murray's name for a possible Soundex steer to the correct film.

I last worked on this a few months ago, and I remember checking for
these last names and coming up with nothing.

While they may or may not have been at the Sisters of the Carondelet
Convent and Assumption Church Rectory in question in 1910, they were
in Saint Louis, so I should have found them at either that Convent and
Rectory or another. I didn't.

I did find an Ursaline Academy-- with Sisters listed as "inmates" and
also lists of pupils -- in the vicinity, so I assume convents and
rectories are treated no differently than other "institutions" in the

Because my father was mentored by Father Murray and because the
religious sisters played a big role in his family life in St. Louis, I
guess their stories interest me almost as if they were sort of an
extended family.

Since they leave no descendants I guess not too many people search for

Thanks, Buffy

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