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From: Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Indexing Females
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 14:36:21 -0400

It might work to index women only by their maiden names if we knew their
maiden names, but one reason why we need to index them by their married
names as well is so we have an alternative to looking at the 50 entries for

(-?-), Mary

for those 50 women named Mary whose maiden names we haven't been able to
ascertain. I'm sure other list members will have come up with other reasons.


At 09:05 AM 09/17/2002 -0700, Myra V Gormley wrote:
>Ah, for simplicity's sake -- women should be listed (and thus indexed) by
>their maiden names -- not their husband(s) names. Blessed be the Dutch (and
>a few other ethnic groups) for being sensible.
>I know this does not address the indexing problem presented here, but why
>is it necessary to list women by their husbands' names? Knowing the names
>of their husband(s) are important when you are doing the research to find
>them, of course, but otherwise, what purpose does this serve?
>Myra (Vanderpool) Gormley, CG

Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer
Hyde Park, NY
author of _Long-Distance Genealogy_

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