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Subject: Re: [APG] Indexing Females
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 09:17:35 -0400

I agree that the scope of the work is a major consideration. When a date
(or date range) is included, it does narrow down the search. But the sake
of consistency, a guideline needs to be established defining how and when we
should use parenthesis, brackets, braces, quotation marks (for nick names),
etc. Nathan

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From: Richard A. Pence <>
Date: Monday, September 16, 2002 7:59 AM
Subject: Re: [APG] Indexing Females

>> As editor of the Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly for the
>> last 4 years, I've also wrestled with this tricky indexing problem.
>> I don't claim to have "the answer". However, why is it necessary
>> to include all surnames on one line in the index?
>> For example, if my ancestor, Molcy Hester Spivey
>> Townsend, is to be adequately indexed, why not
>> avoid the use of parenthesis altogether and make three
>> separate entries for her. This would lead the
>> reader to the appropriate text. She would appears as:
>> Molcy Hester..........85
>> Molcy Spivey..........85
>> MolcyTownsend.....85
>> I would appreciate your thoughts. Nathan Mathews
>The answer to your question probably lies in the scope of the work being
>indexed. If you are indexing one issue (or one year) of your Quarterly, it
>may be enough to make the two entries you suggest.
>However, let's take the case of a family history, such as the one I am
>working on. Last time I checked, the index alone ran more than 65 pages
>(three columns per page in 8 point type). There will be several pages, for
>example, of women named Elizabeth Pence. Since the purpose of the index
>should be - as several have pointed out - make it as easy as possible for
>the reader to find the person he or she is looking for, whatever
>you can include will be helpful.
>I have already indexed with the maiden name of those who married into the
>Pence family with their maiden names in parentheses and, based on the good
>suggestion here, am considering going back and putting the married names of
>the Pence women in brackets. (A monumental job at this point, but perhaps
>necessary. And, I suppose, if I **really** wanted to be helpful I could add
>the year of birth to each name!)
>Richard A. Pence, Fairfax, VA
>Pence Family History <http://www.pipeline.com/~richardpence/

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