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From: Carol Swinehart <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Moving business to different state
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 21:28:49 -0400

Once you are on the internet from your local provider, it does not cost
anything to upload to any system on the web. That is the joy of doing web
design - you can provide pages for anyone, anywhere.


At 09:16 PM 8/4/2000 -0400, Jeff Simonson wrote:
>Welcome to Boston!
>As you know, this area is the so called second Silicon Valley so there are
>many choices available to you. Two things. I agree with the first post,
>Media One is slick. I don't use them to host my web site but I do use the
>service to connect to the net. It's VERY fast (50 times faster - on a good
>day - then a 56K modem) and ALWAYS "on".
>I've been using Harvard Net http://www.harvard.net for the past two years
>to host my site. Very customer service oriented and willing to walk you
>through all the various steps to get set up. I am in the process of
>changing my site (a total revamp) to allow credit card billing and
>"shopping cart" service to customers. The folks at Harvard Net have been a
>big help!
>Secondly, I also agree with the second response: Why do you have to change
>your web host at all? If you're happy with them, by all means keep
>them. If you need to update your site, all it will entail is an occasional
>long distance phone call to update your changes. That's of course, if they
>don't have a local POP in this area.
>Depending on where you are moving to, north, south or west of the city, you
>can also try: http://webhosts.thelist.com/ They provide a great service by
>identifying various ISP's that service specific area's throughout the
>United States.
>Hope that helps!
>At 03:16 PM 8/4/00, you wrote:
>>Good morning -
>>I am in the process of moving to another state, and moving my genealogy
>>research business too. (Moving from Troy, NY to Boston area). Thus, I will
>>need to change and move my web site (I purchased a domain name), find
>>another Internet Service Provider, and learn resources for my new area.
>>Does anyone have experience doing this? Any words of wisdom would be
>>appreciated. Specifically - any advice on finding a new ISP and domain
>>host. I have considered hosting my domain with ATT, then getting ATT
>>Worldnet for Internet service. I thought this would provide a seamless way
>>to relocate my webpage etc. However, I have not had an easy time with ATT
>>on the phone. Apparently, one can ONLY become a new customer now through
>>their webpage with credit card. There is NO person. Any other thoughts
>>on an ISP and web host that covers all states, or at least the Northeast?
>>Rebecca Rector
>>Troy, NY
>Jeff Simonson
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