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From: "Nancy J. Curran" <>
Subject: Re: Is there a diplomatic way?
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:43:36 -0500

Hello, Elizabeth,
This is a problem, isn't it? You're on the SC Archives' list of
researchers, which ought to give a clue that you are not a volunteer, but
a professional.
I suggest that you take the time to respond with a friendly,
businesslike letter that states that you are a professional and here's
how you would initiate their project. You might outline the five or six
first resources you would attack. If it's convenient, you might even look
at one of those, like a surname correspondence file or a vital records
You would probably want to enclose your brochure, if you have one,
indicating that you are indeed in business and describing your
State your financial terms and the construct you prefer. Then put
the ball in their court by telling them what to do next, like state the
research goal and enclose a check made out for $___ to you.
A cheery close is in order (you're still friends at this point)
wishing them success in their research in the coming year and hoping to
hear from them.
So, you're friendly and professional, like a lecturer or a lawyer.
Perhaps you are timid about stating a fee. In this case, check out with a
local attorney what fee is paid for abstract research at a courthouse.
That's one of the professions that is somewhat close to what we do,
although not as wide-ranging. Around here, I hear, those researchers bill
about $55 an hour. And I don't. Do you?
Good luck with your research for clients in the coming year. I hope
to hear from you! <G>

Nancy Johnsen Curran
The Continuum
Schenectady NY

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