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Subject: Re: [A-REV] Lookup request: Capt.FUSDALE, 1780
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 19:10:48 -0500
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It is frustrating, sometimes, not to have the whole story. I'm reading the
diary of Captain Ewald (from Hesse Cassel--just down the road from where I
lived in Germany.)

He's pretty good on giving details, even though he was writing with a board
across his lap, tired, and nearly asleep.

One of the more interesting details I just read is that the ship he sailed
on fired a cannon to signal it was time to weigh anchor. I couldn't help
thinking, "Just give an order and pass it down the line. 'Weigh anchor.'"
Why fire a cannon? And I suppose there was no other ship nearby to be hit
by the cannonball.

The captain had a glass eye because of a barroom brawl. He also was not
promoted the entire time he served in America.

He also didn't marry until he was 44 and then he proceeded to have 7

Ain't history fascinating?

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Subject: Re: [A-REV] Lookup request: Capt.FUSDALE, 1780

> Lila -
> You wrote:
> >The name you're looking for just looks "odd" to me. The first thing that
> >leaped to mind was that it looked like an alias.
> >
> >Spelling wasn't the strong suit of lots of people back then. Last names
> >were often savaged
> Thank you for your comments - you're right, it is possible that the person
> with this name isn't a FUSEDALE at all, but we have records from various
> sources of the name being spelt in at least twenty different ways,
> including FUSDALE. If he doesn't appear in any other records then you may
> be right in saying it could have been an alias, but as this reference came
> from a spoken report from a third party it was probably transcribed as he
> said it.
> I would like to know if I am on a completely wild goose chase with this
> one, which is why I asked if SKS could check some of the available
> databases for me to see if it's worth pursuing!
> Regards -
> Judith Gibbons
> Coventry, UK
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