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Subject: [A-REV] July 21, 1779
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 11:55:32 -0400

Head Quarters, Wyoming,
"The General congratulates the army on the glorious and important
intelligence just received from His Excellency Gen. Washington's Head
Quarters by a letter from one of his family of which the following is an
Head Quarters, New Windser, 16 July, 4 0'clock
Permit me to congratulate you on the success of our army in this quarter
of a most glorious and interesting nature.
Brig. Gen. Wain with part of the Light Infantry surprised and took
prisoners the whole of the Garrison Stony Point last night with all there,
cannon, stores, mortars, howitz, tents, baggage, &c. without the loss of
more than four or five privates - no other officer killed or badly wounded.
Gen. Wain received a slight in the head with a musket ball.
The garrison consisted of British and Newlevies, with two or three
companies of grenadiers besides artillery. We have been able to obtain an
exact list of the stores or prisoners but all account make near six hundred
to have composed the garrison.
The Commander-in-Chief acquaints the army that had the Board of War
complied with his request and their own engagement respecting cloding
[clothing?] at this past would not now be suffering through want of any
article in that way.
Although he has been disappointed from time to time and had almost
despaired of receiving any suitable supplies of the kind yet, from late
advice he promises himself the satisfaction of relieving at least the
absolute necessities of the troops before they move from hence."

Wensday[sic] July 21, 1779 diary entries:

Erkuries Beatty, Lieutenant, 4th PA, Lake Otsego, "This Afternoon was
brought in two of our Men, who Deserted from this place, & one was
Imediately tied up and Received 500 lashes & was again committed to the
Guard house, the other was Ironed and closely confined there to remain to be
tryed for his life at the Next General Court martial that Sets--"
Henry Dearborn, Lieutenant Colonel, 3rd NH, Forty Fort, repeats the news of
Genl Wain at Stony Point.
Dr. Ebenezer Elmer, Surgeon, 2nd NJ, Fort Wyoming, repeats the Genl. Wayne
news and, "Maj'r. Ogden arrived from Elizabeth Town with a number of
letters--At evening the Jersey Stores arrived here--"
Daniel Gookin, Ensign, 2nd NH, Forty Fort picks up his diary again with the
Stony Point report and, "if this story turns out as true as the news from
Genl. Lincoln did, Amen for orders. Mr. Bell being on detachment with Colo.
Reid at Brinker's Mills by Major Titcombs desire I did Adjts duty from the
10 &c &c. drew very bad provisions it being that which was condemned some
time past all the alteration in it is that it has been smoked which takes
out some of the ugly smell but the juice of the grape continues in it yet.
Owing to the badness of the Provision some of our officers and men are
Daniel Livermore, Captain, 3rd NH, "This evening, by order of Gen. Poor, I
sat out from Camp for Easton, in Company with Lieut. Hoite. At ten P. M.
leave Col. Butler's and enter the Shady Grove. At day break we arrive at
Locust Hill, from whence we proceed, and at eleven o'clock join Col. Read at
Brinker's Mills; halt two hours and then proceed to Easton. Nothing
remarkable happens during Wednesday night and Thursday. So ends the
thirty-six hours."
William McKendry, Lieutenant, 6th MA, Lake Otsego, "Three deserters brought
into this camp(that had not left it many days) one belonging to the 4th
Pensylvania Regt. was tied up immediately and recd. 500 lashes it being back
allowance due him some days before he deserted and was forgave by his Col."
Robert Parker, Lieutenant, 2nd NY Artillery, Lake Otsego, "Wrote some
letters to correspondants. A party was sent out today to measure the
distance to Lake Schuyler."
Thomas Roberts, Sergeant, 2nd NJ, whose journal had one leaf missing has
apparently been detached eastwardly, "then Marched from Brinkers Mills for
Wyoming About 9 o'clock in the Four noon, that Night we Got through the
Grate Swamp and Our horsis Gave Out Wich. Capt. Burrowes had Left us then I
consulted with the Men that I had under my Command to Lay Down and Take our
Rest till Day, So wee Did and then marched for Wyoming as Wee was Going
through the Shades of Death The woolves mad a wonderfool noys all around us
wich Semed Verey Destresed."
Rev. William Rogers, D. D., Chaplain, Hand's Brigade, repeats the Stony
Point report and notes a letter from Col. Stroud expressing fear of an
Indian attack at his house [now Stroudsburg, PA] at:

Excerpted from, "Conover, George S., compiler, JOURNALS OF THE EXPEDITION OF
1778-1887; (Auburn, NY: Knapp, Peck & Thompson., 1887), Facsimile reprint
(Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 2000)" or from:
"Donna Bluemink, Transcriptionist, MILITARY: REV WAR: ORDERLY BOOK. GEN.
; ; Available April 5, 2003 at:

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