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Wow, how interesting. I hadn't thought about the "Citizen" angle.

King George and Queen Martha. Doesn't quite have the ring to it that it
should. Substituting one King George for another?

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> Don't forget that as she was the first President's wife, no one knew what
to call her, and "Lady" is what the people of the British colony in America
were used to calling women who had a degree of social standing.
> Remember, there were some in the new United States who wanted to make
George Washington King. If I remember correctly, had he accepted the offer,
he would have been. It was President Washington who set the standards of
our country in many respects--first by refusing to be King, and second,
serving only two terms as President.
> I think there was also a short-lived attempt to call our first President
"Citizen Washington" a la the French.
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