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Hi Barry: I have a similar problem for our ancestor, Major Northam of Accomack County, Virginia. His pay of 5-1-4 pounds was received by Col Cropper on April 30, 1785. The card says, "A List of Soldiers of the Virginia Line on Continental Establishment who have received Certificates for the balance of there (sic) full pay Agreeable to an Act of Assembly passed November Session 1781."

I now believe that Col Cropper was the leader of his unit. He accepted the pay for several members of this unit. Unfortunately, this payment and a card which merely says Major is a private are the only references to revolutionary war service that I've been able to find for him.


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> Hello...
> I have a question concerning a payment made to my ancestor for his service in
> the NC Continental Army. Can anyone tell me the relationship of the person
> "By Whom Accepted" in the following citation? In looking at other claimants,
> many accepted their own claims, but several also were accepted by another
> party. I wasn't sure if this other party would be the Captain of their unit, the
> sheriff of their town, or whom. If anyone can shed any light, it would be most
> appreciated. Thanks! Sincerely, Barry Collett
> Abstract of the Settlement of Army Accounts at
> Hillsborough in 1792.
> Name of the Claimant: William
> Collett. Amount
> 27 8 4, then a column which
> said 'By Whom Accepted for' and the name was Daniel
> McKissick.
> At the end of all of that, it said "The foregoing Sums
> were the whole Amount of the Accounts, one-fourth of
> which were paid either in Cash or Due-Bills, and the
> other Three-fourths in certificates. J. Craven,
> Comptroller."
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