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Subject: [AMER-REV] July 7, 1779
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 10:06:02 -0400

Head Quarters, Wyoming, "By a General Court Marital whereof Col. Ogden is
president, Lieut. Munday of the 2d New York Regiment was tried, charged with
behaving in a scandalous infamous manner unbecoming the character of an officer
and gentleman in sending insulting and abusing note, while under sentence of a
Court Martial to Capt. Jacob Wright, and for leaving his arrest before being set
at liberty. The Court are of opinion the first charge against Lieut. Munday is
not supported, then they conceive his note to be ill timed and improper, the
Court are also of opinion that Lieut. Munday is not guilty of the second charge,
and acquit him of both charges and had it not been for his note would have
acquitted him with honor.
The Commander-in-Chief approves the sentence and releases him from his arrest.
Elijah Rippee, soldier in Col. Spencer's Regiment, charged with desertion,
was tried by the same Court and being found guilty was sentenced to one hundred
lashes on his bare back. The General approves the sentence, but pursuant to the
recommendation and request of the Court Martial his punishment, is remitted and
he is ordered to join his regiment.
Andrew Kneckabacker of the 2d New York regiment charged with the desertion,
was tried by the same court, who after considering the evidence produced by the
prisoner in his own behalf, are of opinion he is entitled to the benefit of His
Excellency General Washington's proclamation and should be discharged from
confinement, the General approves the sentence and orders him to join his
Henry Elliott of the 2d New York Regiment charged with desertion was twice
called before the same Court but no evidence appearing to support the charge is
sentenced to be released from his confinement. The General orders him to join
his regiment.
The court martial whereof Col. Ogden is president is dissolved.

July 7, 1779 diary entries:

Erkuries Beatty, Lieutenant, 4th PA, Lake Otsego, "This Day the Adjt. Genl.
Reviewed the second line, took a party with some more of our Officers and went a
fishing three or four mile from Camp catched a number of Trout in one of the
branches of the Susquehanna-- all of the Off'rs of the Line met this eving at
the large Bower and took a Sociable Drink of Grog given by Col Gansevorts
Henry Dearborn, Lieutenant Colonel, 3rd NH, Forty Fort, "I eat part of a fryed
Rattle Snake to day which would have tasted very well had it not been snake"
Daniel Livermore, Captain, 3rd NH, "This day I sat on a court martial. Nothing
material happens. So ends the twenty four hours."
William McKendry, Lieutenant, 6th MA, "The 6th Massts. Regt. reviewd by Col.
Samuel M Shute, Lieutenant, 2nd NJ, "was spent in fishing and had extra
ordinary luck."
Rudolphus Van Hovenburgh, Lieutenant, 4th NY, "The second line was excused from
duty To be inspected by the Sub Inspectors of the western Department."

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