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From: "RC Brooks" <>
Subject: Re: [AMER-REV] Maine Militia to R.I. Continental
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 07:37:05 -0400
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<snip> I had two ancestors that were in militia units in Maine and somehow
ended up
> in the Continental Army at Rhode Island.

<snip> I'm curious as to whether they were volunteers or were drafted.

With the formation of numbered Continental Regiment begining 01 Jan 1776, an
number of unattached companys were drafted into the new regiments. An
example similar to your question was the case of John Lane's company. Lane
had been promised a commission if he raised a company from amounst the
Penobscot Indians. He raised five Indians (who shortly after "went home")
but raised another 100 men from the settlers in Maine around Buxton (Lane's
home) and the Penobscot Bay so Lane got his commission. Following the
problems with HMS Falcon at Cape Ann (Aug 1775) the company was sent to
Gloucester where they had a miserable experience so most took their
discharges at the expiration of their enlistments (31 Dec 1775). Effective
01 Jan 1776 the balance of this now understrength company was rolled into
the 9th Continental Regiment also known as Varnums Rhode Islanders or the
1st Rhode Island Regiment. This regiment was part of Greene's Brigade out
side Boston then, following the evacuation of Boston the regiment went to
New York. The manned Fort Difiance on Red Hook during the Battler of Long
Island and were evacuated during the midnight "escape" from Brooklyn
Heights. They were the center of the Battle of Harlem Heights then sent
across the river to Fort Lee. When Howe moved into Westchester county, they
were sent there. These troops were some of those accepting Washington's
cash bounty for serving an extra six weeks at the end of their normal
enlistments and were involved in the Trenton-Princeton campaign before
retreating into winter camp in a small town east of Morristown.

The other Rhode Island regiment was Hitchcock's 11th Continentals a.k.a. the
2nd Rhode Island. Except for the Battle of Long Island where they were on
the Heights instead of at Red Hook, their service record was similar during
this period.

Bob Brooks

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