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From: "lguzman" <>
Subject: [AMER-REV] Primary Sources for Dogs
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 08:48:35 -0500
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In my eternal search for General Howe's dog, I came across the following

Muenchhasen / At General Howe's Side
E 267 M9313 1974

It's the transmittals von Muenchhasen sent back to Hesse. Fascinating
stuff, but so far not a peep about the general's dog (which was my whole
reason for reading it.)

However, I ran across something relating to our previous discussion of
primary and secondary sources.

Muenchhausen describes a building in Princeton, tells how many windows it
has, etc.

The translator has a footnote that says he is mistaken. There was never a
building in Princeton at that time with 36 windows on one side.

Who do we trust? The guy who saw it with his own two eyes or the scholar
who says he got it wrong?

It's that kind of thing that makes writers pull their hair out.

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