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Subject: Re: Al Gore and Gore Vidal are *not* related
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 07:27:06 -0700

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> paghat wrote in message ...
> I don't doubt that Gore Vidal has been promoting the fiction that he is a
> cousin of Al Gore's (see details below); however, it's not true. I have no
> opinion on whether his family "chose" him to go into politics following his
> grandfather Thomas Pryor Gore. If he is to be believed (and I have no reason
> not to, except of course, the fact he claims cousinship with Al Gore does
> tend to throw some doubt on the matter), then the "Gore family" he is
> referring to is his own, not that of Al Gore Sr.
> >Lately he can't show up
> >anywhere without being imposed upon to repeat the tale besides, so pay a
> >little more attention before you go making stuff up at random about Ten
> >Generations, sheesh.
> I did not make it up, but rather, did some basic fact checking at
>, which is a
> compilation of separate genealogists researching their own families. See
> also The two Gores are not
> related through their direct paternal ancestry at any level less than 10
> generations. The don't have a common Gore ancestor born in the U.S. Here is
> their respective Gore ancestry:
> Al Gore's patrilineal ancestors:
> Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. b. 1948, TN
> Albert Arnold Gore, Sr. b. 1907, TN
> Allan Arnold Gore b. 1869, TN
> Charles Claiborne Gore b. 1840, TN
> Mounce Gore b. 1811, TN
> Isaac Gore b. 1782, VA
> John Gore b. 1761, VA
> Henry Gore b. 1736, VA
> John Gore b. 1705, VA
> Joseph Goare b. 1670??, VA
> John Goare b. ???
> Gore Vidal's patrilineal ancestors (after Thomas P. Gore):
> Gore Vidal b. 1925
> Nina Gore Vidal
> Thomas Pryor Gore b. 1870, MS
> Thomas Madison Gore b. 1837, AL
> Ezekiel Fletcher Gore b. 1808, SC
> Thomas Tindall Gore b. 1776, SC
> Manon Gore b. 1745, MD
> Thomas Gore b. 1712, MD
> James Gore b. 1670, MD
> John Gore b. ???
> >Asked by Gadfly Magazine, "What sort of President
> >would your cousin make?" Vidal answered, "Cousin Al is probably not as
> >mediocre as he seems but that is the cross vice presidents must bear. Do
> >anything interesting and the Pres takes credit. I think he lies more than
> >he ought, out of compensation for not being in a position to do anything
> >memorable." Just a couple nights ago on some late night show he was asked
> >the same predictable question which clearly made him uncomfortable (the
> >Gores have been pressuring him to not joke so much about it) & he finally
> >drummed up something postive to say about Cousin Al being a very
> >intelligant man, though it was hardly surprising since (to paraphrase as
> >closely as I can recall): "all the Gores in this country are smarter than
> >most people."
> >
> >Both Gore Vidal & Al Gore are the grandsons (great-grandson &
> >great-great-grandson respectively) of the legendary populist Senator
> >Thomas Pryor Gore "the Blind Orator."
> This is patently not true, and has been repeated like a bad cold on the net
> and in other media, for example in the New York Post (here:
> Al Gore's
> paternal grandfather was Allan Arnold Gore, b. 5/20/1869, Smith County, TN,
> d. 3/3/1956. Thomas Pryor Gore, on the other hand, was born in Mississippi
> in 1870. Two different people, two different families.

The combination of Gore Vidal's tales of the families being "sixth or
seventh cousins" plus having checked on the web & found literally dozens
of sites stating point-blank that Albert Gore Senior's father was Thomas
N. Gore the son of Thomas Pryor Gore the blind orator (with Gore Vidal
descended from Thomas Pryor Gore's daughter Nina) I was NOT inclined to
believe a UseNet poster over newspapers, Salon Magazine, the Braille
Institute, Vidal himself in his collection of autobiographical essays
PALIMPSEST says "my seventh or so cousin, Albert Gore," & notes that the
Tennessee/Kentucky Gores & the Oklahoma/Mississippi Gores DO have regular
family get-togethers as though they were the same family, which in
PALIMPSEST Vidal says Al Gore had not lately attended specifically because
Gore Vidal would be present. So I e-mailed the White House & asked, "Is Al
Gore the cousin of Gore Vidal?" & this morning (two days later) get a
return e-mail from some White House flunky stating, "Gore Vidal is the
Vice President's distant cousin."

S0 -- if the Tennessee/Kentucky & Oklahoma Gores both consider one another
related, why in the world would anyone believe a chap from alt.geneology
who first posts "read my" data at alt.geneology as though he is some sort
of expert based on having looked at two websites that leave Thomas N. Gore
off Al Gore's geneology? On the basis of Duelling Websites, no basis at

Nevertheless, I did look at Steve's website citations & had to admit to
myself (annoying though it was to admit) that this data had a clear basis
to it! Damn. By contrast, the many, many, many websites that repeat the
lineage for Al Gore back to Gore Vidal's grandfather could indeed all have
been copying one another without checking. I tried to find out the ORIGIN
of the specific family tree including Thomas N. Gore of the Oklahoma Gores
in the family tree of Al Gore of the Tennesee Gores. I cannot find an
origin for this, but the fact is, you will find it very hard to find any
reference whatsoever to Al Gore's NOT IN THE LEAST ILLUSTRIOUS actual
grandfather Allen, vs many assertions that Thomas N. Gore the son of
Thomas Pryor Gore was Al's grampa. I re-checked my copy of PALIMPSEST &
this geneologiy does not appear there -- so it is not Gore Vidal who
promotes such a direct relationship, he asserts only that Al is "my sixth
or seventh counsin" & the two families show up at massive Gore famil(ies)

Having separately established to my own satisfaction that the numerous
citations relating Al to Thomas N. Gore were incorrect, I e-mailed Al Gore
geneologist, W. Reiwiesn, asking specifically, "Since Al Gore is not
directly related to the blind orator of Oklahoma, does that make Gore
Vidal a big damned liar (which I'd hate to believe since I enjoy his
writings so much)? And if even an Al Gore worker-bee in the White House
thinks they're related, who is their shared ancestor?"

Well, Mr. Reiwiesn doesn't deny the possibility of a family connection,
but it is not one he has yet discovered. BUT: "Both Senator Al Gore of
Kentucky (father of the Vice President) & Senator Tom Gore of Arkansas
(grandfather of Gore Vidal) knew each other. They had always wondered if
they were related. Each knew that the other was *not* among the relatives
that he knew about, so they started describing each other as "My second
cousin or something like that". Gore Vidal grew up hearing this, and, not
knowing any more about genealogy than my off ox, has accepted it as
gospel, and is (apparently) promulgating it." Adding that rather than
anyone lying, the relationship is repeated "through ignorance not deceit."

What an "off ox" is I don't know, & why Mr Reiwiesn says "of Arkansas"
instead of Oklahoma I assume is just mispoken for a rushed e-mail, but
that aside, it appears that Al Gore Jr could easily have grown up hearing
Al Gore Senior speaking of the late lionized Thomas Pryor Gore as "my
cousin," just as Gore Vidal heard his grampa call the Senator from
Kentucky "my cousin," & both clans have lived ever since in unsupported
belief of cousinhood. But the sorry fact is Gore Vidal's lineage is
illustrious on several levels, & Al Gore's is not, & some crossposter out
of alt.geneology was correctly able to tell two correct websites from
dozens of incorrect websites. I would STILL like to know where FIRST it
was claimed the son of Thomas Pryor Gore was the father of Albert Senior,
but it turns out after all that this common assertion is not a fact. I'm
just glad it's not Gore Vidal's personal assertion since I couldn't stand
it if he was personally a lying old queen.

The additional claim that the great blind patriarch from Oklahoma was
responsible for political decisions made even among the Tennessee Gores is
not out of the question since Al Gore Senior as a (somewhat powerless)
rooky congressman was embraced by the wildly influential Thomas Pryor Gore
as "my cousin" for the first ten years of Al's political career in
Washington D.C. (until the blind patriarch's death in 1949). During that
time Thomas Pryor Gore was no longer himself a senator but practiced law
in D.C. & retained enormous behind the scenes political power among

-paghat the ratgirl

> >They are also kin to Jimmy Carter &
> >Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, & James Madison is a distant ancestor
> >(which is why Al keeps using Madison aphorisms like "If men were angels,
> >no government would be necessary" & others, instead of some better
> >recalled presidents, & it's why Richard Brookhiser in the Free Republic
> >conservative forum thought himself clever to say "Al's no James Madison"
> >in emulation of the famous "You're no John Kennedy" line against Clinton).
> >Folks who play blind to the existence of dynastic families ruling America
> >are the reason democracy continues to slip away from all of us, cuz if you
> >don't actually know who the ruling class is, you can't keep an eye on them
> >& watch out for excesses. Bush's clan is also dynastic for much more than
> >just his dad. A tard Dubya, no more than a bunch of tards who were kings
> >in Europe, could NEVER be even a piddly governor if there wasn't a lot
> >more than our voting involved in these obviously foolish choices.
> >
> >It was the patriarch Senator Thomas Gore who personally directed the
> >grooming of Gore Vidal for politics with an eye toward the presidency, &
> >it was the publication of THE CITY & THE PILLAR about a young man's
> >exploits in a homosexual underground that caused the family to turn away
> >from Vidal as their ideal man. Even at that family pressures caused Vidal
> >to run for House in the 1960s, an episode he now makes fun of at his own
> >expense.
> Again, this must be Gore Vidal's family only.
> >There were others being groomed between then & now in this
> >extensive & well-placed political family, but never another who had the
> >special cache of being Thomas Gore's own preference. Al is the one who the
> >family finally got into #2 position, & are bound to see #1 fairly soon
> >now.
> Gore Vidal's family had nothing to do with Al Gore Jr.'s career choices.
> >
> >None of which means Al Gore & Gore Vidal are buddies (they're not) --
> >Vidal calls him "my seventh cousin" though I don't think he actually
> >counted -- but they are most assuredly the same family with the same
> >family's pressures on its more intelligent young men.
> Well, this directly contradicts the earlier statement that the two share a
> grandfather. If that were the case, they would be *first* cousins.
> >A dynastic family
> >does not mean two people in a row, or one 1950s style nuclear family's
> >immediate offspring, as anyone actually smart enough to understood
> >geneology & classism would not need to be told.
> The null hypothesis should be that a dynastic family is at least a family.
> Al Gore and Gore Vidal are not related, hence not a family or dynastic
> family.
> >
> >Not that the Gores have been bastards & assholes in their rule, but it
> >still bears keeping in mind that dynasties do not lead inevitably to
> >choices on the strict basis of merit. Here're a couple of articles on the
> >famous blind patriarch, a greater man than his son Senator Albert Gore or
> >his grandson President Elect Al it seems to me:
> >
> >
> >
> >-paghat the ratgirl
> >

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