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Subject: [ALS-LOR-L] A-L Emigration
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 01:34:14 EST

As a learning exercise and to check out some translating software I
translated "Elsässer und Lothringer als Anseidler in Nordamerika". It was
written by Dr. Heinrich Neu and published in the 1930 yearbook of the
Elsass-Lothringischen wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft in Strasbourg. It is
Item # 2 on FHL Film 1071428. The original article is about 30 pages long. I
made a list of the names it contains along with their associated A-L - US
locations. The list is rather long, about 4 pages. This is the first page.
The actual coverage of individuals in the article varies from just a very
brief mention to a few who rated a paragraph or more. A few birth dates /
years are given. Lots of locations are simply Alsace or Lorraine. The author
relied heavily upon 2 - 3 major sources and not original research but I
though it might be of some interest to the list members.

Index of Names

Name Residence / Place of Birth Birth Year U. S.
Location - Date
ALLEMAN Alsace Rock Island Co IL 1857
ANSCHÜTZ George Alsace 1753 US 1780s
ANSEL Margarete A. Alsace
ANTOINE Louise Alsace
dau. of Lorenz ANTOINE
AUER Jakob Alsace - Lorraine N. of Peoria
IL 1828
BAEGERT Johann Jakob Sélestat, Sélestat 1717 CA 1751
BANGASSER George Alsace Stephenson Co IL
BANGASSER Michel Alsace Stephenson Co IL
BARDEL family Alsace Stephenson Co IL
BAUM Martin Haguenau, Haguenau Baltimore MD <1776
BAUMANN George Strasbourg, Strasbourg - Ville VA <1750
BECK Peter Alsace - Lorraine N. of Peoria
IL 1828
BERTSCHY Johan Cleesbourg, Wissembourg Woodstock IL 1847
BERTSCHY Lena Oregon
BERTSCHY Leonhard Cleesbourg, Wissembourg Woodstock IL 1847
BICHSEL Josef Strasbourg Quincy IL 1847
BIEBER Philipp Alsace Waterloo IL 1835
BIELER Heinrich Buchweiler, Saverne / Altkirch Cincinnati OH
BLACK Peter Paulk Dietwiller, Mulhouse Hamilton OH
BOUR Nikolaus Alsace 1704 Detroit MI
BRICKA Gottfried Alsace Cincinnati OH
BRICKLER Johann Alsace Metamora IL 1831
BRODMANN 4 brothers Alsace Peoria IL 1848
BRUMDER George Madison WI
BRUMDER Heinrich Schweighouse-sur-Moder, Haguenau Versailles IN
w/wife Elisabeth CLERLER
BUMILLER Theodor Mothern, Wissembourg Anglaize CO
OH 1849
CARRON Peter Greenville OH
CHRISTMANN Jacob Strasbourg, Strasbourg - Ville VA <1750
CLERLER Elisabeth Westhoffen, Molsheim Versailles IN
DANIEL Huben, Lorraine Springfield OH
DETTWEILER H, Alsace - Lorraine Peoria IL
DEWEIN Valentin Alsace Peoria IL 1847
DIEBOLT Josef Schweinheim, Saverne Cincinnati OH
DIETRICH Henry (wife & dau. in 1854) Alsace 1811 Mc Henry Co
IL 1849
DISS F. G. Marmoutier, Saverne Avondale OH 1870
DONNER Jakob Alsace Dry Grove IL 1839
DOPPLER Andreas Struth, Saverne / Altkirch 1815 Cincinnati OH 1834
DOSSMANN F. A. Dossenheim OH
DOVER Heinrich Alsace Quincy IL
w/wife Anna Luise WOLFF
ECKERT Jacob Drachenbronn McHenry Co IL
ECKERT Valentin Neuwiller, Mulhouse St. Bernhard OH
ENGEL Christian (w/2 dau.) Alsace - Lorraine Partridge
Brook IL 1833
ENGEL Johan Alsace Metamora IL 1829
ENGEL Peter Alsace Metamora IL 1831
ENGEL Philipp Alsace Kaskaskia 1783
ENGELHARDT Johann Niederlauterbach, Wissembourg Anglaize CO OH
ERHARDT George wife Alsace Will Co IL 1838
ERTEL Daniel 1813 Quincy IL 1837
ERTEL Albert Shelbina MO
ERTEL Johann Shelbina MO
FEDERSPEIL August Bisel, Altkirch Anglaize CO
OH 1840
FELS Medard Eckartswiller, Saverne Clifton OH
FLEIKNER family Langensulzbach, Wissembourg New Orleans LA
FORNEY Jakob w/parents Alsace 1721 PA 1735
FORNEY Peter NC 1756


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