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The really sad thing is many men were Confederate AND Union soldiers. My gg grandfather Wm A Goad was impressed into the CSA, deserted and joined the Union. So he has a war record for both CSA and Union.

Give it up, and let it go away. It was THEIR life, not ours. We should honor them, no matter what choices they made. Honoring them isn't at all about us.
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> It is not my intention to re-fight the Civil War, only to document the
> history of it. Sherman and his men did indeed perform unnecessary acts
> on the South during his march, which is how he won the war and put a
> stop to it, incidentally. However, he told his men before they left
> Atlanta not to bother any women, children or poor people, but with men
> scattered out over a 60 mile area, he couldn't control what all of them
> did. Of course as the old saying goes, "The buck stops here". Sherman
> did what he had to do to win the war but history tells us he was not the
> truly mean spirited man he was made out to be and his troops loved and
> admired him. He was accused of burning Columbia, SC when in fact the
> Confederates saw the Union coming, set the large bales of cotton on fire
> and left before he and his troops arrived. Sherman gave orders for his
> soldiers to put the fire out and even got off his horse and helped
> extinguish the flames, himself.
> I'll be the first to admit the Civil War was anything but civil, but it
> happened and is a part of our history and I'm proud of ALL of my
> ancestors who participated in this war no matter which side they chose.
> I could give example after example of how the Confederacy burned houses,
> barns, crops, etc. of Union families and murdered, tortured and what
> ever else they could do to these people. I could even submit newspaper
> articles from as far away as Nashville, TN about this happening, but as
> I have said, they weren't the only ones to do this type of thing because
> it happened on both sides. Why can't we honor and be proud of ALL of our
> ancestors who went through such difficult times instead of harboring
> such malice after almost 150 years.
> Joel was talking about some of the Union soldiers buried around the
> Marion Co., AL area having CSA emblems on their tombstones. Some of
> these were done intentionally simply because their descendants didn't
> want to admit their ancestor served in the Union Army. It is my belief
> if the ancestor had intended for a CSA Emblem to be on his tombstone he
> would have fought for the Confederacy! I know of a case right now where
> a descendant placed a Union tombstone at the grave of his ancestor who
> did indeed fight for the Union but a cousin ordered a CSA tombstone and
> is threatening to replace the Union stone. Can we all not come together
> and respect our ancestors for what they thought was right in their
> times? Does it help anything to harbor bitterness after all these years
> because of something ALL of them did? They all fought for what they
> believed to be right at the time. Peace, be happy and God bless!
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> > The war was misnamed as "Civil"... rather it was an aggression against the
> > South because they chose to secede and form their own states as provided by
> > the consitiution... the South was invaded.... The South did not invade the
> > North.... the aggressions were made against the South.... i.e. when Sherman
> > marched across Georgia..... burning, looting, killing, leaving women,
> > children, and old people to die from hunger and exposure.
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> >> think it would be good if we could all respect all of our ancestors
> >> who suffered so tragically during the Civil War no matter what side they
> >> were on, they all had their reasons. I had as many ancestors in the CSA
> >> as I did the USA and I respect them all for their service and what they
> >> went through. No one side had the patient on torture, murder, etc. as it
> >> was done by all of them but they were our ancestors and I, for one,
> >> respect their beliefs, no matter what they were. The Confederate Home
> >> Guard murdered one of my ancestors in a way I could not even mention on
> >> this list, only because he had four sons who served in the Union Army.
> >> My ancestors who served in the Union, stated their forefathers came to
> >> this country looking for a place to worship as they pleased and America
> >> allowed them to do that. They also stated their ancestors fought too
> >> long and hard for this country during the Revolutionary War and they
> >> couldn't bring themselves to turn their backs on this same country nor
> >> fire on "Old Glory", the Flag of their forefathers. I have no choice but
> >> to respect that.
> >>
> >> As far as the website at "", that is the old 1st AL Cav. USV
> >> Website and the new one is at:
> >> and has a must more extensive database.
> >>
> >> As far as people not knowing their ancestors served in the Union, this
> >> is very true. However, many of the soldiers galvanized and were forced
> >> to join the Confederacy but they would eventually escape and make their
> >> way to the Union lines to join with them so they actually did serve on
> >> both sides. I have also found several graves of Union soldiers that had
> >> CSA on their tombstones, including Thomas A. McWhirter, who is buried in
> >> the Old Popular Springs Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Rock City,
> >> Marion Co., AL. It has since been changed to reflect his correct service.
> >>
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