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From: "Dick Stewart" <>
Subject: Re: [ALMARION] Re: [ALTUSCAL-L] I need County Information, Please
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 09:25:24 +0100

Hi Wanda,

the William Stewart you speak of in 1820 in Marion Co, AL,
is suspected to be one of the brothers of the set of Solomon,
Benjamin, Reuben, Larkin, William, Charles, and Johanna (Stewart)
Harkins, all purported to be children of Charles and Elizabeth (Clements)
Stewart. Allie Seale is very cognizant, when she is monitoring her email.
She lives in California, Fair Oaks, I believe.

unfortunately, i have been able to find out very little from Marion County
that far back. doesn't seem like folks have much data prior to 1830. my
interest is in the militia concept that didn't seem to start until 1820, but
nevertheless would have been a serious reflection of activity in Marion
County that year.

perhaps Monya Havenost can point you to someone that knows. she has
recently stated that people are very helpful on the lists for the counties
in that area.


dick stewart

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