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From: "David E. Taylor" <>
Subject: William son of Daniel William Holladay, Sr.
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 13:32:42 -0500

The Lamar County list has been asleep too long. The following ought to
touch a lot of Lamar County families.

My great grandfather Robert Powell Taylor b. 1860 in Marion County, Alabama
married in 1881 Mary E. Holladay b. 1860 daughter of James D. Holladay.

While this is all about the father of James D. Holladay, some background on
the Taylor ancestors is important in understanding the connection between
these two families. Robert Powell Taylor was the son of William Burton
Taylor b. 1817 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. William Burton Taylor
was married to Caroline and they lived on land they owned that present-day
is just west of the Lamar County, Alabama airport. William Burton died
before 1870, probably in Marion/Sanford/Lamar County, Alabama. In the 1870
census Caroline Taylor is the head of household with the children of
William Burton. William Burton Taylor left North Carolina about 1819-1820
with his parents Joshua b. 1780 and Beatrice b. 1786. Joshua Taylor is in
the 1810 Census of Edgecombe County, North Carolina and the 1820 Franklin
County, Tennessee Census. He is presumed to have died before the 1830
Marion County, Alabama Census as his family is then listed in the household
of his wife Bidy (Beatrice) Taylor.

James D. Holladay was b. 1835 in Marion County, Alabama. He is in the
1880, 1900, and 1910 Lamar County, Alabama Census records living on land he
owned southwest of the Hollis Cemetery about halfway between Sulligent and
the Mississippi line. James D. Holladay is presumed to have died before

JAMES D. HOLLADAY married (1) W. J. Before 1860. He married (2) SARAH E.
About 1890.
Children of JAMES D. HOLLADAY and W. J. are:
i. MARY (Molly) E. HOLLADAY, b. Aug 1860 in Mississippi; d.
Before 1910 in Texas; m. ROBERT POWELL TAYLOR, Jan 12, 1881 in Lamar
County, Alabama.
ii. D. A. HOLLADAY, b. About 1864.
iii. FRANCIS L. HOLLADAY, b. About 1867, Alabama.
iv. WILLIAM M. HOLLADAY, b. Oct 1870 in Mississippi; m. ADA,
Before 1892.
v. POWELL H. HOLLADAY, b. About 1873 in Mississippi.
vi. L. D. HOLLADAY, b. About 1877 in Mississippi.
vii. UNICE HOLLADAY, b. Apr 1879 in Alabama.

Child of JAMES D. HOLLADAY and SARAH E. is:
viii. TALMIDGE HOLLIDAY, b. Jun 1896 in Alabama.

The first appearance in public records of James D. Holladay by name is in
the 1850 Marion County, Alabama Census at age 15 in the household of Kibble
Terry. Also in the Kibble Terry household in 1850 are Green Holladay, age
19, and Columbus Holladay, age 17. The wife of Kibble Terry in 1850 is
Eliza E.

In the 1840 census of the Kibble Terry household the ages of the males and
wife match the ages of Eliza E. and the Holladay brothers, and there are
also 2 females under age 5. From this, the assumption is that Eliza E.
(Terry) first married a Holladay about 1830 and they had three sons born
1831, 1833, and 1835. Sometime around 1837 Eliza E. married Kibble Terry,
as evidenced by the ages of the daughters in 1840. Sarah E. Terry was born
in 1838.

Who is the Holladay husband of Eliza E. and father of Green, Columbus, and
James D. Holladay?

In 1836 Kibble Terry enlisted in the army along with several other men from
the Moscow, Marion County, Alabama area, including Daniel Holliday and
Joseph Holliday, sons of Daniel William Holladay, Sr. They all served in
Capt. Darrell Upright Hollis's Company in the Creek Indian War of 1836.
After this service Kibble Terry married Eliza E., mother of James D.

Daniel William Holladay, Sr., descendant of John Holladay The Ranger and
father of Daniel and Joseph above, also had a son named William b. 1807 in
South Carolina. In the 1830 Marion County, Alabama Census the household of
Daniel Holladay (1st) contains a male aged 20-30. From the information in
Alvis Holladay's book, this man would be either son Daniel Jr. b. 1805 or
William b. 1807. Daniel Jr. himself appears in the 1830 census as Daniel
(2nd) at age 20-30, five lines up from his father.

William Holladay at age 23 living in the household of his father Daniel
William Holladay, Sr. in 1830 appears the best fit to have been the husband
of Eliza E. and father of Green, Columbus, and James D. Holladay.

A very close association can be documented between the families of Robert
Powell Taylor and Mary E. Holladay, my great grandparents. On the same
page of the 1830 Marion County, Alabama Census as the household of Daniel
William Holladay, Sr. and son William, and the household of Daniel (Jr.),
is the household of Bidy Taylor containing William Burton Taylor at age 13,
my GGgrandfather. On the same page is the household of Mathew (Mathias)
Taylor, brother of Joshua Taylor. On the same page is Samuel Weeks who
married Prudence Taylor, sister of William Burton Taylor. In addition,
Mary Susan Taylor, another sister of William Burton Taylor, married James
Taylor, son of Daniel William Holladay, Sr.

The following promissory note is in the Lamar County, Alabama Courthouse:
1886, May 22: Promissory note payable to Tom Strawbridge on Dec 1, 1886 and
granting as security "My entire Crop of Corn and Cotten that I Make this
year and also one yoke of Black oxens Known as the Frank Holladay oxens. .
.". Note is signed James D. Holladay, and recorded in Lamar County,
Alabama May 22, 1886 Deed Book 10 pp 550-551. Witnessed by R. H. Priddy.

R. H. Priddy who witnessed the above note is Ruben Henry Priddy who married
Elizabeth Taylor, sister of Robert Powell Taylor, my great grandfather.

In the past two weeks I have solved the perplexing question of who Frank
Holladay is in this note. Frank Holladay is Benjamin Franklin Holladay b.
1845 son of Joseph b 1790 son of Daniel Holladay, Jr. b. 1752. Joseph
Holladay is the brother of Daniel William Holladay, Sr. Frank Holladay is
the 1st cousin of William, son of Daniel William Holladay, Sr. In 1920
Benjamin Franklin Holladay, age 85, was living in the household of his son
Dixie in Lamar County, Alabama.

Circumstantial evidence is mounting to support the case of William Holladay
as the father of James D. Holladay. Census records always indicate that
the father of James D. Holladay was born in South Carolina. There is a
connection between the other sons of Daniel William Holladay, Sr. and
Kibble Terry when they enlisted in 1836 in the Creek Indian Wars under the
command of D. U. Hollis. Census records indicate that Daniel William
Holladay, Sr., his sons, Kibble Terry, D. U. Hollis, and the Taylor
families lived in close proximity before and after 1836. James D. and his
brothers were born in Alabama and were together in 1840 and 1850 in the
household of Kibble Terry with their mother. The promissory note of James
D. Holladay using the oxen of Frank Holladay as collateral would indicate a
close tie to the other known Lamar County, Alabama Holladays.

Personally, I'd like proof beyond circumstantial. The proof may be out
there, and I'm still looking. Until then, does anybody have evidence that
either further supports or reputes the above case for William Holladay as
the father of James D. Holladay?

Hi, Toni (triple cousin through the above described mess).


David E. Taylor
West Hartford, Connecticut

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