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From: Hyacinthus <>
Subject: Re: [ALCOFFEE] Cemetery locations?
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 19:32:52 -0600
In-Reply-To: <>

> Hi Georgia, do not know where those cemeteries are located :-(, but i see
>that you are also active in wanted to get the cemeteries updated and posted
>online for other researcher , which i commend you very highly, I am trying
>to get some of Mr. Hayes survey typed and online, (for Dale Co., ) do you by
>chance have the Ebenezer /Zion cemetery survey ? I found some papers in the
>Courthouse and posted that but there was so many names missing, i now have a
>copy of Mr. Hayes survey, but it is over 3 long pages, and i am hoping that
>someone has the survey typed already, :-) and would send me a copy :-).

Hi Christine, I don't have a copy, but I'd sure like to! <g> I'd be willing to
type it for posting if you can get me a photocopy of what you have.


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