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Subject: Re: [ALBIBB-CHAT] Cemeteries and photographs
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 14:23:55 -0600
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Hi Pat,

I have people in various cemeteries, of which I would love a good
photograph, and would gladly pay. (Frankly, I truly believe that such a
project should be paid for as you will be contributing to a significant
heritage issue.)

(For example, quite by serendipity did I discover John Hunt Logan and
Lavenia Moseley Logan tombstone in Centreville Cemetary when a cousin took
me to see John Logan (the son of John Hunt Logan's burial was just
behind Stephen Douglas Logan (another son)). Until then, none of the
relatives knew where he was buried, and he was not listed in McCoy's.
Gandrude did have an inscription of Lavenia's tombstone, but not location.

So, I propose we pay some pro-rated fee per photograph (i.e., per photo
reduces as number increases). The amount should be enough for you to pay
for your time, plus; and, by getting the two print situation (unless you are
going to use digital camera, then it changes somehow, but computer image is
easier then), one can be sent to Marsha for her permanent record; or, they
should be placed somewhere as permanent record.

(Actually, I recently purchased some plastic, 3-ring pages that will hold
several individual photos, and can be placed in a 3-ring notebook..... This
seems preferable to the plastic sheets that cover the photo, as they can be
removed, and should not stick to the plastic sheet or deteriorate so badly.
So, they might be placed in the library somehow.).


I am hoping to get to Centreville in a month or two, and I hope to
take photos of early newpaper clippings on Flatboats (as John H Logan was a
flatboat captain), or other data about the dam at Schults Creek which he
built....of of John Hunt, first justice of peace, and purchased first lot
from Mrs. Chotard; or, his widow Nancy (Clements) Hunt, who gave the land
for First Presbyterian Church, etc. etc.

I do not know the process of microfilm photography, but had hoped to do this
on digital camera. A year or so ago I spoke with someone at the newspaper
and there seemed to be no objection to doing this. HOwever, I know the
papers will be fragile, so if there are others that might want to do a
project together, and take photos of the entire page, perhaps. I think one
should be able to crop the photo later to enlarge and select the particular
article one preferred.

PErhaps there is a photographer among us that knows more about this?


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> Hi folks, am thinking of taking one day a week and visiting Cemeteries in
> Bibb County area this spring. I could take pictures or look for ancestors
> you who have relatives buried in the county. At the moment I would have
> time and my husbands health is stable. What I would do is send out a
> of the Cemetery I would be going to and you could let me know if you have
> interest in it. If no one does I will select another one. Of course some
> these I can go to alone others I will need someone with me. Some of these
> in the National forest and accessible only by foot. Also was thinking it
> would be nice if some of us could get the listings for these Cemeteries
> 1974. Let me know what you think. Pat

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