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Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 19:20:44 -0400
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I was a history (minor) in college. I studied the Civil War and found that
the main reason of the South wishing to separate from the States was because
Abraham Lincoln was elected as president without one single southern
electorial vote. The south knew they had completely lost all power over
their own destiny. Slavery was a terrible thing...I wish it had never
happened but it was only made the "issue" of the war by the North to keep
England from supporting and assisting the South in the war effort. The
south supplied England with major amounts of cotton. England turned to
India for cotton and didn't support the South.

My family has always farmed the rich but money poor. They
owned no slaves. I am so proud of my Southern Heritage! I'm proud to be
part of a diverse nation of people where I can travel to the North and enjoy
the culture there, (or West or South) but I can return to my kith and kin
and know there is a GOD above. God bless you all...the internet makes this
world...even smaller...than its ever been. I enjoy and respect ya'll no
matter what side of the Mason Dixon you come from...after all, I believe we
all started back with Adam and that part of the mystery has been
solved. (Smile)

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My intentions were to stir attention to a problem I've witnessed
since starting my family genealogy studies. I'm proud being an American and
proud of my southern heritage. We know only of the Civil War from the
victor's point of view. Slavery was an issue that brought up the real
reason for the Civil War, which was a state's right to dissolve itself from
the union. Jefferson Davis felt that the Articles of Confederation which
brought the union together, allowed a state this right. Abraham Lincoln
said no way and the war was on. Ninety percent of southerner's didn't own
slaves, so why would they go to war over that issue. Slavery is a part of
our American history, something that we today had nothing to do with or
about. It was a part of life in the 17th, 18th and 19th century, and
slavery still exist in today's world. Those southerner's who fought for
their states and homeland deserve the same recognition as those who fought
for preservation of the union. They were fighting for causes they believed
in and there is no shame for th!
is. There are many who would like to eradicate this memory as being racist,
but it isn't. Take the American Indian, we only know that situation from
the victor's side. We think we understand the Indian's side, but we don't.
There are those who want us to feel shame for taking the land from the
Indian's. If that hadn't happened, there would be no union and United
States of America as we know it today. Believe me, I've lived in Europe and
have seen their civil rights for some. I'm proud that our country has put
its' problems before the world and done something about it. We're not
perfect and never will be. This is why I feel we have to honor our
ancestor's memories and the heritage they past down to us. Some were slave
holders and we can't blame them for a way of life they inherited. Enough of
my soapbox speech and thank you for your kind note.

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