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Subject: [ADAMS-L] Re: Virginia
Date: 31 Jul 2001 07:58:55 -0600


I heard from the researcher on Thomas Adams. I couldn't give her much on PA Adams family. I did find her Thomas Adams on and
Neither list him being married twice as she has indicated.
He married an Elizabeth Ralston in York Co. PA in 1814 and they later moved on to OH and IN. She probably should look at the PA Adams in the York Co. area. I feel like two Thomas's have gotten mixed in their research because of a difference of twenty years between their DOB and the DOB I found. I made a post to the Ralston surname on to see if any information could be developed there. I'm curious about their Thomas too.

The 1619 VA Adams spoken about previously was Robert Addams as listed on the passenger list of the Bona Nova.
He had a son, William Adams b. 1627 Martin Hundred, James City Co. VA. William had a son, Robert Adams b. 1679 Goochland Co. VA. This Robert Adams of 1679 can be well documented but the first Robert and son, William is only sketchy information. My personal feeling about the Robert Adams of 1619 and son, William, is that there were more children than what we've been able to find. There were too many Adams around in VA in the late 17th century. Most researchers haven't found the links because of the poor or lost record keeping in early colonial VA.

I've read several books lately on President John Adams. I think a memorial is long pass due on him in Washington DC.
I wish we had more on his correspondence with Thomas Jefferson. I'm sure there was some debate between them on many issues. It's said that they were good friends, but one wonders when you hear Adams' last words about Jefferson still lives. He didn't know that Jefferson had died earlier. The Cspan show on Adams, indicated that Abigail (Smith) Adams burned most of these and Adams correspondence with her. Adams was probably the most educated of our founding fathers and unpopular because of his aristocratic mannerisms. I loved visiting the Adams home several years ago. What are your thoughts about President John Adams and his contribution to the country?

I've looked at the Ap Adams pedigree and followed it, noticing several mistakes, especially with wives. I would have to study it more with someone who knows its' positives and negatives. You would probably have to spend a lot of time in England to accomplish this task.

In my research, I try to find stories about the subject to go along with the name and dates. I call this, "putting meat back on their bones." It makes for interesting conversation and sort of brings them back to life. A Joseph Timberlake married one of the VA Adams daughters who married a Douglas. Her name was Anne Douglas who married Joseph Timberlake. Joseph enlisted as a Private in the VA militia during the Revolutionary War. He was selected to be one of General George Washington's personal guards. He met the criteria set up by Washington for his guards. They had to be 5'8" - 5'10" tall and have a good physique and manners. While Joseph was on duty, he struck an officer. He was later court martial and given thirty lashes. General Washington approved the punishment even though he knew Joseph was doing his duty. (proves never strike an officer) Sgt. Joseph Timberlake continued his role as a personal guard for Washington until 1783. Joseph and Anne (Adams)[Doug!
las] Timberlake would later move to KY. I wonder if this Timberlake is an ancestor of the famous artist, Bob Timberlake from the Carolina's? I own two of his water color prints today that I value much.

Keep in touch, I would like to learn more about your lineage.

John Adams

PS - You have my permission to correspond on my email address if you like.

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