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From: "nancy norris" <>
Subject: Re: [ADAMS-L] Re: the past
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 15:28:43 -0500
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>MARRIAGE DATE----4-28-1892


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SAMUEL VIRGIL ADAMS
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>EDGAR LEE ADAMS
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GAITHER JAMES ADAMS (IDAHO)
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ZENIA FRANCES ADAMS
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CHARLES CLIFFORD ADAMS
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BABY ADAMS
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CLARA LAVENIA ADAMS
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MARTHA VIOLET ADAMS

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From: Alli <>
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Sent: Monday, July 30, 2001 5:26 AM
Subject: Re: [ADAMS-L] Re: the past

> Actually "Scenesfrmamemori" We can change the past, by not repeating it
in the future &/or present.
> Slavery is wrong & while in some places in the present time it still goes
on, we can keep it from being a common way of life around us as long as we
stay aware. I have ancestor's that were slave owner's. But the one ancestor
that I have proof of this, let it be known that the mother/child (daughter I
think) slave that he had was to be freed after his death. He wanted the
woman to choose the family member that they live with, but that she was to
be taken care of & not ever to be sold or mistreated. There were caring
slave owner's so you shouldn't be ashamed, as that was their way of life &
that was the way they grew up. As for the Native Americans, yes our
Ancestor's & our government were wrong in what they did to them (& what the
government continues to do) The biggest problem wasn't whether it was always
peaceful or not, but if they would have kept the treaty agreements. And
again, this one continues in the present & it can't be changed for the
better if those concerned are!
> n't willing to stand up with the Native American's in their fight.
> I am proud of my Heritage, the good the bad & the ugly, the slave owners,
the Native American's (Cherokee), the one's who served in the Military, they
have helped to create me & to help me learn more about the past & what they
went thru so I can help teach my kids in the future (kids, grandkids).
> So along those lines......maybe we can add some character to our Adams?
How many have connections to slave owners, Indians, out w/the
history stuff?
> The brick wall for me is James Adams (jr.) E. Tn. m. Elizabeth Thompson
N.C. Elizabeth & her mom are the closet connection to the Cherokee Tribe
that I have. James has a sister named Nellie & by 1906 she was deceased.
Their parents are: James Adams (sr.) Tn. m. don't know
> James & Adams daughter (they had several kids) Martha Malinda Adams b.
1838 Tn. m. Samuel Phariss, one of his relatives was the slave owner who
cared about the 2 slaves he had.
> Alli
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> Slavery was wrong . We were also
> wrong for destroying and abusing Native Americans. WE WERE WRONG. that
would probably have meant life today would be different, but I would be
proud of my ancestors and my heritagem instead
> of ashamed for all of the "war crimes" we did. But we can not change the
> past, so let's move on.
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