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Subject: Re: [ADAMS-L] Re: Virginia
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 11:59:36 -0400
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When all is said and comes down to money and greed. Now can we move
off this subject?

Scott Hansen wrote:

> > > My intentions were to stir attention to a problem I've witnessed
> > > since starting my family genealogy studies. I'm proud being an American
> > and proud of my southern heritage. We know only of the Civil War from the
> > victor's point of view.
> I beg to differ... there is too much documentation available to NOT know
> both sides of the story... every step of the process that lead up to the war
> is know... not only from newspapers of the time, but also from letters,
> official documents, etc from both sides. Today it is understood why things
> happened, and what was going on from both perspectives... and, I'd say there
> was no winner in that war, only one side who lost a little less than the
> other.
> > Slavery was an issue that brought up the real
> > reason for the Civil War, which was a state's right to dissolve itself
> from
> > the union. Jefferson Davis felt that the Articles of Confederation which
> > brought the union together, allowed a state this right. Abraham Lincoln
> > said no way and the war was on.
> Actually, this is not true... the war started over slavery and the South's
> fear of losing their 'way of life'... Lincoln was working hard to prevent
> the spread of slavery to the new territories, but did not want to mess with
> slavery as it existed in the South. When Lincoln was elected, the slave
> states seceded from the Union. Lincoln did not want a war, but was slowly
> pressured into it over the weeks during the siege at Fort Sumter. When
> Lincoln sent in ships with food and supplies, the fort was fired upon, and
> the war was on. The war was waged in order to prevent the secession, but the
> cause was slavery.
> > Ninety percent of southerner's didn't own
> > slaves, so why would they go to war over that issue.
> Because the average citizen does not make those decisions... it was the
> people with money and power, who were also the slave owners.
> > Slavery is a part of
> > our American history, something that we today had nothing to do with or
> > about. It was a part of life in the 17th, 18th and 19th century, and
> > slavery still exist in today's world. Those southerner's who fought for
> > their states and homeland deserve the same recognition as those who fought
> > for preservation of the union. They were fighting for causes they
> believed
> > in and there is no shame for this.
> You are right about this... there is no shame in fighting for a cause you
> believe in... but this terrible war can also show us that what we believe in
> may not be the right thing to believe in morally. I will always honor the
> bravery of the soldiers who died, but never their cause.
> > There are many who would like to eradicate this memory as being
> > racist, but it isn't. Take the American Indian, we only know that
> situation
> > from the victor's side. We think we understand the Indian's side, but we
> > don't. There are those who want us to feel shame for taking the land from
> > the Indian's. If that hadn't happened, there would be no union and United
> > States of America as we know it today.
> This is another thing that always gets to me. Yes, we came, we saw, we
> conquered... the way it was done for eons... and the term 'Native American'
> is offensive to me... not only in that it reeks of PC, but also in the fact
> that I was born here, doesn't that make me a native American? The peoples
> who were here when the Europeans came simply were the latest to conquer the
> land... they may have gotten there earlier, but they migrated to this land
> just like my ancestors did. Land changed hands with startling regularity in
> those days, and it cannot be undone...
> > Believe me, I've lived in Europe and
> > have seen their civil rights for some. I'm proud that our country has put
> > its' problems before the world and done something about it. We're not
> > perfect and never will be. This is why I feel we have to honor our
> > ancestor's memories and the heritage they past down to us. Some were
> slave
> > holders and we can't blame them for a way of life they inherited. Enough
> of
> > my soapbox speech and thank you for your kind note.
> They can not be held accountable for their lifestyle, but there were many
> who were born into it and could see it for what it was... far be it for me
> to judge anyone past, present or future... I'll leave that up to the
> Almighty... but I've always been both amazed and disgusted by the depths of
> humanity's ability to inflict pain and suffering on itself, and justify it
> in some way...
> My .02
> S.
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