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Subject: [ADAMS-L] Re: Virginia
Date: 26 Jul 2001 17:10:19 -0600

Thank you for the reply. I would hate to think that any misgivings would lay under what is bringing us all together in the first place. Finally I have a credible answer as to the progenitor of the Adams line in Virginia. I'm sure you've noticed the vast postings pertaining to Virginia and South Carolina. I would be interested in the connections you've made. My involvement originated in the fact that no one, not even the Mormons had accurate (or at least as accurate as can be expected) history on Henry of Braintree. They could only trace him back to 1640. I have met some really great people through my research and it's amazing how sending out a posting can incorporate an entire family line that had never been registered in the first place. Yes I would like to remain in touch and I'd be particularly interested in the connections back in England. I've got some information that takes us back to 1296 as king's knights but as one would expect, the information is quite scattered. !
One thought of belief is the connection to the AP Adam Pedigree though there are definately two sides to the issue.
I can be contacted at
Thank you again for clearing up the issue and you are right that there has been void between the northern and southern Adams' and hopefully people reading our correspondence
will get over it.
Jeffrey Adams

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