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Subject: [ADAMS-L] Re: Virginia
Date: 23 Jul 2001 16:15:14 -0600

No slight was intended at all to the Virgian Adams'. My point only was that at some point the line split. All the initial Adams' at some point have a connection back in England.
I have 17,000 names and dates of birth, primarily in MA. I cant change facts that are recorded. If the Mayflower Adams descendants ended up in Virginia before Henry in 1632, in MA, then whoever THAT Adams was is the progenitor of the southern line. As far as I'm concerned we are all Adams' and
north and south should not be an issue. As far as direct correlation to Joseph's line, there are a few, but I think the connections are with the southern line which is quite large and so far, not many connections have been made to Samuel or John relating to South Carolina and Virginia. There are over 400 John Quincy's and 800 John's alone in Henry's line to 1898.
No offense was intended and none should be taken if we are all looking at our genealogy and ancestry as professionals and non- professionals alike.

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