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Subject: [ADAMS-L] Re: Virginia
Date: 23 Jul 2001 09:15:38 -0600

Have you forgotten that the VA Adams arrived in America before the MA Adams? It is apparent to me that from postings over the years, there seems to be some prejudice voiced by New Englander's when it comes to discussing the VA Adams. Still fighting the Civil War with the South after 136 years. It was the Viginian's who fought side by side with Washington in the trenches or war. My gggg grandfather Adams and ggggg grandfather McMullan were with him at Valley Forge and Yorktown. Give credit to a New Englander, John Adams, who saw the need for George Washington and the likes of another Virginian, Thomas Jefferson. If it hadn't been for the Virginian's, we would probably still be subject to England! I have no doubt that the redneck VA Adams and aristocratic MA Adams have links back in England.

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