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Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] Place Name?
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 09:03:39 -0500
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Hello Gavin;

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. I will now be more mindful
of checking alternatives in my search for Burials. I am not optimistic about
finding them all but have had success with 2 in Skene - Thanks to the
extremely helpful staff at Inverurie Burial Services.

Of Note to List Members: I had exact dates of Death and Death Cert. details
for each family member to pass along to Burial Services. I don't think they
could / would do searches just for Surnames with approx dates (as in MI
Booklets) .

Best Wishes,


On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 5:34 AM, Gavin Bell <> wrote:

> RUTH DUNNE wrote:
> >Hi Kath,
> >
> >Thank you for that. Now I know in what area her Burial might be found.
> >
> >
> I would be a little cautious about assuming that!
> We know the lady was ordinarily resident in the parish of Strachan, in
> Kincardineshire, had a family connection with the parish of Skene, in
> Aberdeenshire, and died in the City of Aberdeen. She might well have
> been buried in any of these places, either on grounds of convenience, or
> because her family had burial rights (a "lair") in any one of them - or,
> indeed, some other parish entirely, if her family (or her in-laws)
> belonged there.
> If she was buried in Strachan, then there are two possibilities:
> (1) the ancient Kirkyard, for which there are published MIs (name index
> at http://www.anesfhs.org.uk/databank/miindex/miindex.php) but no
> Burial Records
> (2) the more modern Cemetery, for which there are burial records dating
> from 1918 (see http://www.abdnet.co.uk/burialgrounds/) but no MIs
> If she was buried in Skene, there are also two possibilities:
> (1) the ancient Kirkyard (known as Kirkton of Skene, name index as above)
> (2) the more recent extension to the Kirkyard (no recorded MIs)
> There are burial records covering both.
> If she was buried in Aberdeen, then the situation gets complicated. The
> burial records for some of the City Cemeteries are on, or are due to
> appear on "Deceased Online", but records for others are still held by
> Aberdeen City Council
> Gavin Bell
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