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Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] SMITH family New Pitsligo Aberdeenshire
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Gavin,? Yes, the census record is from the Parish of Tyrie.? One of these years I?will get my head around the difference between Parish and Village.? After looking at the record again and comparing the C and G, I am sure you are correct and that it is Garvel Croft.?
John and Margt MCCARTNEY are listed along with John & Ann SMITH and their children as #44 on the Schedule.? Ann DUFFUS is listed under #43 and looks like she is living with the James SIMPSON family and is listed as mother.? I do not have?the SIMPSON?name anywhere in my tree.? However DUFFUS?is the middle name given to both Jane Duffus Smith and Mary Jane Duffus Smith.?
You always give?us something to think about or to investigate further, and I am learning that it is always a good idea to go back and read again the original record because invariably there is something that you have missed.
Thank you Gavin for all your help.
Jo-Anne Huber

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Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] SMITH family New Pitsligo Aberdeenshire


>I hope someone can help straighten this family out.?
>I have found John SMITH and Anne MASSIE, along with many of their children in
the census records for 1881, 1871, 1861.? In 1871 &?81 they were living at
Woodhead Gonar.
There are instances of "Woodhead" in half a dozen Aberdeenshire
parishes, but "Gonar" apparently occurs only in the parish of Tyrie. So
did you find them in the Census for the parish of Tyrie?? When looking
for ancestors in 19th century and earlier, it is vital to know the name
of the parish, since most records are indexed by parish.
>For the census of 1861 they can be found at Carvel Croft, Tyrie, New Pitsligo.?


Thast would be better written as "Carvel Croft, New Pitsligo, Tyrie".
New Pitsligo is the largest village, but "Tyrie" is still the name of
the parish.

>Also listed in 1861 and 1871 is John McCARTNEY Step-father.?Margt or Mary
McCARTNEY mother is living with this family in 1861.??The copy I?downloaded from
SP is difficult to read and not being familiar with the place names in Scotland
I am hoping someone can give me a?better idea.? ?I would also like to know?how
the people living at "Back of Carval Croft" would be connected.?

I think that is probably "Garvel" or Garval".

When you ask how they would be connected, do you mean as family? If so,
the answer is quite possibly "not at all".

The fact that their address is similar means only that they lived in the
same general area. Placenames in rural Aberdeenshire follow a fairly
standard pattern - there will, in any parish (and occasionally
straddling parish boundaries) be a number of base names, such as
"Garvel" or "Skelmanae", to which are added various qualifiers such as
"North", "South", "Upper", "Lower", "Croft", "Cottage" etc. The base
names tend to be fairly stable over long periods of time, but the
qualifiers are liable to vary, sometimes over quite short time-spans,
such as between one Census and the next.

You will also find several households all with apparently the same
address. In some cases, this may have shared one larger dwelling, but
it is far more common to find several separate houses sharing one

The other thing to bear in mind is that the great majority of rural
dwellers were employed on short-term contracts, and lived in rented
houses, so tended to be quite moblile. There is good chance that the
folk at "Garval Croft" and the folk at "Back of Garval Croft" were not

Gavin Bell

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