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From: Ray Hennessy <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 09:57:02 +0100
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2009/4/22 Louise Atherton wrote
a.k.a. Lou-Tim <>
> Hi I'm new to this list. I have Elspet Morrison, born 1830 in Turiff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, daughter of John Morrison & Elspet Unknown. I've tried the census information on the Scotsland website. Found John Morrison by himself in 1841 Census, but can't find a record of the family. Any suggestions please?

Hi Louise

Could you give us a bit more detail to work with?
What information source[s] do you have?
Have you trawled FreeCEN?
Ditto the IGI and Scotland's People?

Do you have Elspet's marriage &/or death certificates?
If not, how do you know her parentage?
Are you sure of her d.o.b. [no 1830 births on IGI]?
There are two aged 9 & 11 on 1841 FreeCEN [but the
family circumstances are not consistent with your post].

Which 1841 John Morrison is her father?
[There are several possibles on FreeCEN]
How do you know he is definitely the one?
Which parish is he in and where in the parish?
How old is he on the Census?

Are the parents' death certificates on Scotland's People?

This may seem to be a lot of detail, much of which
could be irrelevant, but it would help Listers to help
you search the odder byways of the on-line records!

Best wishes


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