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From: "Ray Hennessy" <>
Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] Does Jane = Jean
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 17:01:25 +0000
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2008/11/10 Doreen Jones <> wrote:

> Sounds as bad as patronymics. Sounds like we are in
> for a hard time tracking down his family.
> Thanks for your help.

Hi Doreen

You're very welcome, as always.

Patronymics are applied in a reasonably standard way in Scotland but
there are both variations and also no guarantees. Catherine Cci of
Wakefield Family History Sharing has summarised it very simply at
http://wakefieldfhs.org.uk/names.htm [FAQ#13 on my site]
but make sure you read the orange footnote!!

The use of synonyms is muddied with spelling variants, diminutives and
pet names. I have had to take a personal view of what I class as a
full Synonym and what is a variant. I assume different languages
[including Gaelic-English] are variants whereas interchangeable names
within a language [e.g. Jean-Jane] are synonyms. But there are no
formal standards for this.

PS You wrote: " > tracking down his family. "
Whose family was that? Or was your Penuel male?
I have seen no synonym for Penuel (M), however it is pronounced!

Best wishes


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