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To Sandy, Jerry & any interested Archibald researchers

Huntly Express Nov 4 1882
Sudden death. A most striking & solemnising instance of the uncertainty of
human life occurred here on Thursday, a little after mid-day. Mr Alexander
Archibald, feuar, Albert Terrace, while walking from McVeagh St. towards
Duke St. was observed to drop down suddenly near the Royal Oak Inn.
Assistance was speedily at hand, and he was conveyed to the Inn but when Dr
Wilson arrived, life was all but extinct. Mr Archibald, who was a carpenter
to trade, was a native of Glass, being a son of the late Mr William
Archibald and brother to Mr John Archibald, tenant of Succoth. He was for
several years the occupant of the farm of Mains of Ardallie from which he
retired and has since been a residenter in Huntly. About three years ago he
was united in marriage to Miss Morrison and her state of mind and feelings
on Thursday can be better imagined than described. In her sand and sudden
bereavement, much sympathy has been manifested. Mr Archibald was an
intelligent, quiet and inoffensive man.

Kind Regards

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