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From: "Janet" <>
Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] On-line passenger lists - Ships to Canada 1865-1922
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2008 09:37:56 +0100
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I would go along with this, which is what happened with my "find".
It was people in New Zealand who helped me trace them backwards to home
Is there an Ottawa list or any other place in Canada where you might find helpful people willing to check records.
I have found that people moved around in Scotland and Britain itself more than I would have thought possible so a boarding in London from Scotland is not out of the question.


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From: "Trena" <>
: Hey Goldie,
: Regarding which port your lot may have left from and I'm assuming here you
: most likely meant your family was from the NE. If coming to Canada, the
: most likely port was Glasgow/along Clydbank. Possible it may have been
: Leith, but if the ship put into another port within the UK, (Liverpool,
: Southampton, Queenstown Ireland), then that will be the departure port
: stated on the manifest. Very often ships leaving Liverpool or Glasgow also
: put into Ireland to pick up-passengers, especially from c1850 (say .. but
: don't quote me!) onwards.
: I believe the only way you may find any passenger lists during the mid-1850s
: to mid-1860s (not certain of exact years) to Canada is to go to the Archives
: in Ottawa and trawl through the passenger lists. They are not on-line
: anywhere (yet). Unfortunately, not too many from this time frame survive
: either. I know this as myself and at least 8 other cousins (25 of us in all
: actually) have been actively seeking the data on our 2 x g-grandparents. We
: do know they came between June 1854 (child born in the UK) and January 1856
: (child born in Bedford NS). We also know our 2 x g-gf was hired (in the UK)
: by agents for Thomas CAUDLE, to do masonary work on the railway
: embankments/stone trestles, which has helped narrow down the time frame
: further .. but so far we've not found them on any list. We are in the
: process of going back over lists, just in case they were perhaps missed!
: Toni

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