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From: Nancy Visima <>
Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] On-line passenger lists - Ships to Canada 1865-1922
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 18:22:16 -0400
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On the contrary, Keith, there are indeed ship's passenger lists to
Canada on-line, covering the period 1865-1922. They are fully
searchable and you can print or download copies of the passengers
lists to your computer. I have been successful in finding the
passenger lists for the immigration of all of my grandparents to
Canada in the early 1900s.


Nancy Visima
Toronto, Canada

On 7-Jun-08, at 3:58 PM, M Keith Abel wrote:

> Dear List:
> I know of no collection of ship's passenger lists to Canada on the
> Internet.
> But I did study a collection of them at the National Library/
> Archives in
> Ottawa.
> I did not find the family members I was looking for and assume that
> the
> collection was far from complete.
> M Keith Abel
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> From: "Bob Wallace" <>
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> Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2008 11:57 AM
> Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] Ships to Canada in the 1870s
>> On Saturday 07 June 2008 06:40:51 am Ray Hennessy wrote:
>>> 2008/6/7 Jerry Archibald <> wrote:
>>>> I have been looking for some time to find ships sailing out of
>>>> Scotland to Canada,specifically lower (Quebec) Canada in the
>>>> 1835-1850 range. I have come across the name of one ship
>>>> (William Wallace). Is there any information available in
>>>> Scotland somewhere listing the above ship,its sailings and
>>>> passenger lists? Or any other ships coming to Canada?
>>> _______________________________________________________
>>> Please could anyone with this information let the whole List know?
>>> We are looking for the way Mary Ann MELDRUM travelled from
>>> Ellon after the 1871 Census to Chicago before May 1874 and
>>> returned as Mary Ann BISHOP between 1876 and the 1881
>>> Census [probably in 1878/9 as her father died in Ellon in 1878].
>>> We don't know that she travelled via Canada but we'd like to
>>> check it out. We've looked at US incoming passenger lists
>>> without success.
>> I can understand your frustration with such a search. I'm still
>> working
>> on my
>> g/g/grandfather, George Wallace, who emigrated from Scotland to
>> Thorold
>> Township in a timeframe of about 1840-42, perhaps to work on the
>> second
>> Welland Canal as a stonemason.
>> A number of links can be found by searching for: "ship lists in
>> 1800s" as
>> I
>> did just a moment ago and found well over 2 million links coming
>> up. One
>> site found some time ago that may interest you is:
>> http:scotstocanada.com
>> which includes links to some number of Canadian genealogy sites,
>> although
>> you
>> may be familiar with many of those sites already.
>> One site visited some time ago did note that many ship lists did
>> not get
>> posted until leaving its final port to cross the ocean, which may
>> mean
>> tracking down a port that would be the final departure point for
>> overseas
>> that would include passengers from two, three or more previous
>> ports not
>> recorded at their original point of embarkation.
>> Bob Wallace
>> Dayton, Nevada
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