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Jane KINNEAR born 21 November 1842, Montrose. Parents: John KINNEAR and Isobel Ross KINNEAR. I've not got dates for the parents because I got the information from her marriage certificate. Jane was one of six children:

William KINNEAR b 11 July 1834
Mary KINNEAR b 7 September 1835
Isabella KINNEAR b 7 July 1837
John KINNEAR b 25 May 1839
Jane KINNEAR b 21 November 1842 and
Robert KINNEAR b 14 September 1845

Note that Jane KINNEAR and Jonathan BERTIE were married St Andrews, Dundee but spent their married life in Auchenblae where Jonathan BERTIE was a Master Druggist there. Perhaps you might find one or more of her siblings in your lot.

Jane KINNEAR b 31 March 1834: Parents William KINNEAR and Mary COULLIE

Jane was the youngest of six children.

Mary KINNEAR abt 1823
Amelia KINNEAR b 18 August 1824 married David MURISON
William KINNEAR b 1 February 1827 married Helen TODD 25 May 1851
John Greig KINNEAR b 3 July 1829
James Christie KINNEAR 8 September b 1831
Jane KINNEAR b 31st March 1834

Children of William KINNEAR who married Helen TODD:

William KINNEAR b abt 1852
David KINNEAR b abt 1855
Jane or Jean Fettes KINNEAR b 17 June 1856
James Todd KINNEAR b 26 December 1860
Catherine Ann KINNEAR b 17 December 1863

I have not searched for any more information.


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: Thank you - I'll put this info on file - although they don't appear in my
: research at present, one never knows! My Kinnear family seems to centre on
: Forfar / Letham / Dunnichen during the 19th century, until they discover the
: lure of the city mills and all flock to Dundee in the later decades of the
: century to become powerloom weavers (the females) and tenters (engineers) or
: mill overseers (the men). But none emigrated (that I am aware of!).
: Pat

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