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From: Gavin Bell <>
Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] William Mitchell of Aboyne, Scotland
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 15:41:42 +0000
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Ray Hennessy wrote:

>On 13/03/2008, in reply to Eva Mitchell, Gavin Bell wrote:
>>>I have located 1841 census records which show William (hopefully
>mine), aged 19, working as an agricultural labourer in the Civil
>Parish of Aboyne and Glentannar at Abomine Battnagrova. I cannot
>locate this place on any maps or find any information on such a place.
> Would anyone know if this was a town, village, farm?
>Hello Eva
>The FreeCEN Census entry shows the address is Balnagowan.

That's plausible for the "Battnagrova" crap, but what about the
"abominable" bit of the name? Do you know who Ancestry had to produce
this shite? Was it some poor unsupecting IT slaves in India, or
all-American citizens wanting to feel helpful?


PS Just back from a flying trip to Embro, to collect (a) odd bits of
IKEA kitchen and bookshelf and (b) my Birthday Present from Herself,
which is a combination of paper and digital old OS mapping from the
National Library. I could be seriously tempted to burgle that place.

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