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From: "Ray Hennessy" <>
Subject: Re: [ABERDEEN] William Mitchell of Aboyne, Scotland
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 15:25:21 +0000
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On 13/03/2008, in reply to Eva Mitchell, Gavin Bell wrote:

>> I have located 1841 census records which show William (hopefully
mine), aged 19, working as an agricultural labourer in the Civil
Parish of Aboyne and Glentannar at Abomine Battnagrova. I cannot
locate this place on any maps or find any information on such a place.
Would anyone know if this was a town, village, farm?
> Which "1841 Census" transcription were you using? It wouldn't be
> Ancestry's would it? This sounds like the sort of gibberish which is
> produced by "transcribers" who do not take the trouble to familiarise
> themselves with the local geography, and who are prepared to believe
> that any old nonsense will do. Try and get a sight of the microfilm of
> the original Census records - You will probably be able to make out what
> is really written. Although the first word does look a bit like a
> distortion of "Aboyne" - if the transcriber couldn't recognise that, in
> the context of the Census for Aboyne, what chance is there that the rest
> of his/her effort is going to be much use?

Hello Eva

The FreeCEN Census entry shows the address is Balnagowan.
This is at grid ref NJ515005. And you can see it at

The family is George MIDDLETON's and the entry for William reads:

MITCHELL William Male19 Ag Lab born Aberdeenshire

Although this is yet another amateur transcription, the FreeCEN
records tend to be much more accurate than Ancestry.
But as Gavin says, it's best to look at the original film.

Best wishes


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