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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 22:47:41 EDT

Hi Ray

One of my headaches right now (out of several) is Ann Dalgarno she married
George Slesser in 1834, she was still alive in 1856 when her youngest son was
born, she was still Alive in 1861 when her son John Died age 19 years in
Smallburn Old Deer,

I Have every Ann Dalgarno death certificate downloaded from Scotland's people
plus all the variations of Dalgarno that were there. many of them died
single, and I have gone over them all with a fine tooth comb, but none of these
Anne's seem to be her, either too old to have had children when the children were
born, or too young, and then the ones who died single, none that say married
with no husbands name mentioned, so in a real quandary

I believe i know who Anne's parents are, from the children's middle names,
but i do not want to presume anything, as the names could have come from aunts
and uncles, but then the Anne's I have none of them have the parents whom i
thought were her parents, I am just digging myself a deeper and deeper hole that
I cannot get out of, and it is driving me crazy,

I have one who died in 1856 , age 83, so I know it is not her
Another in 1866 age 63, she would have been too old to be having children in
then all the others are after 1870 who were actually Dalgarno's so way too
old to be her or too young,


Ray Wrote
Regarding your last question about "how ...", it would help us if
you gave some details of the most important person on your
query list, e.g. when &where they died, age and any other details.

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