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Hi Gavin - where do I go to check out Kirk Session Accounts for Arbroath and Forfar?
Angus archives? National archives?
I know of a GGG uncle born in 1825 in Forfar or Angus who married an Aberdeen lass but there is no certificate - maybe he was recorded in a Kirk session?


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Ray Hennessy wrote:

>Kirsteen <> wrote:
>>... Helen WILL ... MARRIED IN 1855 in Peterhead to John Garden
>>they state they were born & registered in 1828 Helen in Fraserburgh
>>and John in ABERDOUR, I have been unable to find births for either
>>could this mean they were both Illegitimate ...
>Hi Kirsteen
>I wouldn't have thought that the evidence you give has any bearing on
>their illegitimacy or otherwise. Their parents may not have registered
>their births for any number of reasons: no cash, no faith, indolence, &c.
>When you say "born and registered" does it give a full date? We have
>a MC for 1855 [the first we found] and the entry is very difficult to read.
>It says "born but not registered 1825" for the husband. We thought
>it said "born and registered 1825" - spent ages trying to find the entry
>in the OPR but a close examination showed that it wasn't to be found!
>The same applied to the wife in 1835.
>Both spouses were legitimate although the wife was a close run thing!
>Her parents were only married in June 1835 having both had chequered
>love lifes previously!!!

I suspect our ancestors were sometimes either naive or (shock! horror!)
mendacious with regard to their appearance in the pre-1855 records. My
ggf married twice (consecutively, and after his first wife had died) and
on both entries in the relevant Register of Marriages declared that he
was "born in Rhynie and registered there" (in 1834). Well, the Register
of Baptisms in Rhynie does not mention him. But his parents are
mentioned in the Kirk Session Accounts of Rhyine for 1834 as having
jointly paid a "Penalty" of £1 (a large sum of money at the time).
Whish I suppose acknowledges, after a fashion, his birth - or at least
his conception.

Gavin Bell

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